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                                Leonard’s Bakery is 70 years old this year and has become a must-visit spot for tourists on Kapahulu Avenue.
Rearview Mirror: Bank of Hawaii and others celebrate milestones in 2022

Every year, I write about the anniversaries of important Hawaii organizations. In August I explored the 190th anniversary of Liliuokalani Church in Haleiwa, the 100th anniversary of Misaki’s Grocery on Molokai and the 95th anniversary of St. Francis Hospital in Liliha. Here are some more significant anniversaries. Read more

                                Gerrit Judd, left, escorted the teenage princes, Alexander Liholiho, center, and his brother, Lot Kapuaiwa, on a trip to Europe and the United States in 1849-50. Stopping in Cuba on their return, Judd brought the first royal palm seeds with him to Hawaii.
Rearview Mirror: Story of Hobron Lane leads in many directions

It’s always interesting to me when a simple question leads to unexpected places. Such was the case in September when a question about Eames Street in Wahiawa turned up the fact that Alfred W. Eames Sr., who gave the street its name, narrowly missed being on the Titanic in 1912. Read more

                                The former Dewey Lane near the Ilikai in Waikiki now honors waterman Duke Kahanamoku.
Rearview Mirror: Search for street names leads to a Titanic tale

Sometimes my research takes me to unexpected places. I’ve written about Hawaii streets several times this year, and a recent question from a reader revealed that a Wahiawa man and his daughter were booked on the ill-fated 1912 sailing of the RMS Titanic. Here’s how the story unfolded. Read more

                                UH once had a farm and dozens of cattle on campus. This bull — known as King Mead of Riverside — stands on McCarthy Road, now the pedestrian mall at UH. Hawaii Hall is in the background.
Rearview Mirror: UH’s Manoa campus once included a farm and dairy

Four years ago I wrote about Dammit the Dalmatian, a dog who “attended” classes at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Max Urata told me the staff of the student newspaper, Ka Leo, gave Dammit his own column in 1954, and he even ran for student body president. He lost by a whisker, Urata said. Read more

                                Henry Kaiser built the Tapa Room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village just for Alfred Apaka Jr., right. Apaka’s father tested the pork over the Pali legend in 1923.
Rearview Mirror: Transporting pork over the Pali may be hazardous to your car

I love it when readers share a personal experience that was meaningful to them and that is also entertaining to the rest of us. This week’s column features tales of spirits — from carrying pork over the Pali, to the spirit of aloha transplanted to the Midwest, to a spirited tribute to a retiring Punahou president that surprised and amused his local audience. Enjoy. Read more

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