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The cat’s meow

The trendy cat pudding that went viral on social media in Japan and Korea is now available on Oahu. Read more

Hidden Gems

You can’t see some of these foodie spots from the street, but they’re worth searching for: Read more

Big Dipper

Daniela Fry, founder of Dipped by Dee, vividly remembers the first time she ever dipped a strawberry into chocolate. Read more

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Ono omurice

I recently ate an amazing omurice dish, and it’s been on my mind ever since. Read more

A decadent delicacy

Caviar, or salt-cured roe, is considered the epitome of luxury. It’s often eaten as a spread or garnish. Read more

North Shore eats

The next time you’re on Oahu’s North Shore, check out these delicious finds: Read more

I love you a ‘latte’

If you’re craving a delicious latte (complete with fine latte art), check out the following: Read more

Simply stuffed

When asked about the 2.0 part of her business's name, owner Alana Cummings smiles fondly. Read more

Ono omakase options

It seems like omakases have been opening everywhere recently. Here are three newer ones I tried Read more

Kung Hai Fat Choi!

Chinese New Year is coming up Feb. 10. If you're looking for a delicous way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, check out these options: Read more

Flaky favorites

National Croissant Day might have officially been yesterday, but it's easy to celebrate this flaky pastry all year long. Check out these delicacies: Read more

Bring on the bao

"My partners and I agreed that we would name it (the food truck) after my partner's son, as a reminder to us that we invested in the food truck business to give back to our children and community," he says. Read more

Sticky and sweet

Whether you prefer creamy or chunky, peanut butter lovers can celebrate the American staple on Jan. 24, which is National Peanut Butter Day. Here’s where you can enjoy the popular spread. Read more

Maui wowie

During a 24-hour media trip to Maui, we got to experience some long-time favorites and new eats. Read more

Just wingin’ it

Our business name came from our boys,” says Sharon Pegollo of her family’s business, Chubby Fries & Wings. Read more

A mediterranean

Spanokopita. Hummus. Gyros. These are well-known Mediterranean street foods, but the Mediterranean diet has also become popular for those looking to eat less sugar and more grains, fruits and veggies Read more

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