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  • Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Our View

Editorial: Treat girls fairly on athletic fields

Hawaii, and the nation, owe Mink a debt of gratitude — and it can best be honored by compliance with the landmark law. Read More

Island Voices

Column: Blaming evictions on tenants misses the bigger picture

When it comes to eviction cases filed in Hawaii last year, nearly half of them ended in default judgment for the landlord. Read More


Letter: Tenants bear some blame for evictions

The majority of the time there is a good reason the tenant is being evicted: nonpayment of rent, disrespect for the property, no respect for the neighbors. Read More

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Off the News

Off the News: A grand prize for music teacher — and music

What a stellar way for Hawaii to represent: For the second year in a row, a public school teacher here won a $100,000 grand prize in the Farmers Insurance Dream Big Teacher Challenge nationwide competition. Read More


Climate change: Time to walk the talk

In these past few weeks, you probably noted news of several major reports about the devastation already caused by climate change worldwide, and the frightening future ahead of us if we do not fix this problem now. We do not think you should be concerned — you should be terrified. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Ed Stone

Ed Stone, executive director of the Thirty Meter Telecope, has seen plans diverted by the course of history long before an uprising over Hawaiian cultural and environmental concerns threatened to up-end this latest project atop Mauna Kea. Read More


Column: Ke kūkala hōʻeuʻeu a ka luna kūkālā

Synopsis: The role of the auctioneer at a cattle auction is to make sure everyone leaves the event happy. Read More

On Politics

On Politics: Dreaming big for Hawaii mired by small goals, petty politics

To be good, a governor’s inaugural address should not be about the person delivering it; rather, it should speak with confidence and hope and about those governed. Read More

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