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In Dem primary, choose Ed Case

In balancing out Hawaii’s more liberal delegation, Ed Case would be a voice for those here who are more conservative or moderate, and who generally have little representation. Read More

Island Voices

Doubling down on failed sit-lie policies

Where do you suppose the individual or family should go if their very status of not having a place to live has been made illegal? Read More


Judges too lenient with criminals

It is time for judges to wake up and smell the injustices that continually happen in our courts. Read More

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Off the News

Find the killer of Hawaii County police officer

The killing of Hawaii County police officer Bronson K. Kaliloa, 46, in the line of duty Tuesday night is a deeply tragic reminder of the dangers police face each time they’re on duty. Read More


Colleen Hanabusa explains why she deserves your vote

In a tight contest, the two main Democratic gubernatorial candidates discuss key issues and why they deserve your vote. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Chris Kim

Sgt. Chris Kim never pictured himself as coordinator of Honolulu Police Department’s CrimeStoppers program. Read More


Alu ka pule i Hakalau

Synopsis: Because of the loss of Officer Bronson K. Kaliloa, there is a concentrated effort to find his killer. However, there also should be a united effort to create better avenues for the incarcerated population instead of only making stricter laws and more severe penalties. Read More

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