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Our View

Editorial: New leadership needed for OHA

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was born 40 years ago as a creation of the 1978 Constitutional Convention, held in the midst of the Hawaiian cultural renaissance, and ratified by the voters. Read More

Island Voices

Column: 1978 ConCon delegate says a ConCon now would be too risky

In 1978, as a young progressive lawyer, I stood for election as a delegate to Hawaii’s Constitutional Convention (ConCon). Read More


Letter: Meet rising tides with good planning

I applaud the excellent feature, “Against the tide” (Star-Advertiser, Insight, Oct. 14), and especially Professor Kem Lowry’s predictions and comments. Read More

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Off the News

Computers and court: Double whammy for DOE

The state Department of Education will need to dig ever deeper to Strive HI, as it encourages its nearly 180,000 students to do. Read More


Much achieved in last ConCon, held in 1978

Today’s ConCon debate echoes some themes from the lead-up to the previous Constitutional Convention, held through the summer of 1978. Read More

Name in the News

Carla Houser gives back to homeless youth at RYSE Hawaii

Carla Houser seems so comfortable, so enthralled with carrying out her new mission with homeless youth that it comes as no surprise: She’s now giving back. Read More


Column: E Hawaiʻi ke kula, e Hawaiʻi ke kanaka

Synopsis: Pīkoʻokoʻo is a Native Hawaiian initiative designed to transform UH-Mānoa into a Hawaiian Place of Learning. Can UH-Mānoa promote a Hawaiian sense of place without excluding students who do not share these values? Read More

On Politics

On Politics: Yee-haw! Horita, a staunch Democrat in Aloha State, lends a hand in Lone Star State

Why does former state Rep. Karen Horita think Texas is just the perfect place for a Hawaii Democrat to campaign? Read More

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