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Our View

Editorial: Newcomers compete in Windward races

Unlike most other regions of the state, communities that dot the northern quadrant of Oahu, around the entire Windward coast, are about to witness significant changes in leadership at the state Capitol. Read More

Island Voices

Column: Methodology, conclusions of sex-trafficking study flawed

A recent study about sex trafficking in Hawaii, “Sex Trafficking in Hawai‘i Part 1: Exploring Online Sex Buyers,” has gotten a lot of attention. Read More


Letter: ConCon foes want to protect power

After 40 years, can Hawaii honestly say there’s no room for improvement in our governance? I intend to vote an emphatic yes to a ConCon and hope a majority will also. Read More

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Off the News

Honolulu’s roads ranked among the worst

The latest report on conditions of major roadways in metro areas provides further confirmation of what many Oahu motorists have long held to be true: Honolulu’s roadways are among the worst. Read More

InsightIsland Voices

Column: Plan for disrupting high-tide flooding by mid-century

We need to eliminate dangerous fossil fuels, plan for more frequent and intense weather hazards, and adapt to sea level rise. Now is the time for new policies and behaviors to protect our most treasured places. Read More

Name in the News

Carla Houser gives back to homeless youth at RYSE Hawaii

Carla Houser seems so comfortable, so enthralled with carrying out her new mission with homeless youth that it comes as no surprise: She’s now giving back. Read More


Column: Nele i ka Hakahaka Pani ʻOle ʻIa

Synopsis: It is difficult to find Hawaiian-speaking substitute teachers for immersion schools. Students suffer as a result. If you speak Hawaiian, you might consider applying. Read More

On Politics

On Politics: Yee-haw! Horita, a staunch Democrat in Aloha State, lends a hand in Lone Star State

Why does former state Rep. Karen Horita think Texas is just the perfect place for a Hawaii Democrat to campaign? Read More

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