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Editorial: Ige, Tupola debate worth watching

It is unseemly, to put it charitably, for incumbents in any one of Hawaii’s top elective offices to duck crucial debates that help voters make informed decisions. Read More

Island Voices

Column: The Legislature already has plenty of ways to raise more money for public education

The state Legislature wants to pull a fast one on teachers and all of us this election with its broadly worded constitutional amendment, which would grant it new property tax powers. Read More


Letter: More school funds not guaranteed

The proposed constitutional amendment to tax investment property offers the same deceptive argument for legalizing gambling in Hawaii: A windfall of revenue will benefit public services. Read More

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Off the News

Editorial: Business success leads to giving back

At the University of Hawaii’s Shidler College of Business: An exemplary, full-circle case of paying things forward leading to paying things back. Read More

InsightIsland Voices

Column: School tax would help kids and deter rich outside investors

As voters we have a choice: Do we vote for our keiki, or do we vote for these wealthy developers? We must choose our keiki. Please vote YES on the amendment to fund our schools and our keiki. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Jan Dill

Jan Hanohano Dill is a man of the world, but he’s most passionate about this particular little corner of it. Read More


Column: He hana kā Hirono? He oki loa paha kā Kavanaugh

Synopsis: Political positions lie on a continuum. U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono’s is closer to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s than mine, as a captive participant in American politics. Read More

On Politics

On Politics: Passive-aggressive ‘school tax’ proposal could turn out more aggressive than it seems

If it is possible to have a passive-aggressive tax bill, the proposed state constitutional amendment aimed at funding public education may be it. Read More

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