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Our View

More homes in Koolauloa?

Every Saturday, we’ll present these short-take editorials that reflect on some of this week’s news. Read More

Island Voices

Commercial aquarium trade violates Native Hawaiian rights

Make no mistake, the excessive taking of our reef wildlife and ohana by the North American pet trade, for pure profit and exploitation, is a campaign issue. Read More


Tupola presents a chance for change

What remains now is Gov. David Ige’s legacy of stagnancy or the potential of a new and intrepid direction through Republican GOP candidate Andria Tupola. Read More

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Off the News


No roof, no problem: How ratepayers can share in the solar revolution

If things continue to progress at their current pace, more of Hawaii’s electric ratepayers soon will start to feel some warmth from the solar energy revolution, even if they own neither a roof nor a photovoltaic cell. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Aedward Los Banos

Here’s one way to describe the Hawaii Community Development Authority mission: Grasp the reins and try to steer the redevelopment of land-use zones through a state of transition. Read More


Alohe ē ke ʻahi i ka pokē ʻia

This week, we continue our examination of the word “pokē” (as it is spelled on the Aloha Pokē Website), and whether or not it is a real Hawaiian word. If it is not, should we be concerned about its co-option? Read More

On Politics

The election’s clear winner — voting by mail — should be implemented statewide

The primary election is complete and one question has been answered. I can’t talk about who won or lost because this column had to be written before the Saturday election, but I already know one thing. Read More