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Hawaii island’s $671 million lava-recovery plan needs tough debate

Hawaii County and state officials are trying to figure out how to address the problems wrought by Kilauea’s three-month, particularly violent volcanic eruptive phase, one that has overwhelmed even an island that is somewhat resigned to Mother Nature’s upheavals. Read More

Island Voices

Progressives put incumbents on notice

Progressives across the island chain made it clear on primary-election night that, as Nina Turner of Our Revolution says, “any ole blue will not do,” vigorously challenging incumbents, and targeting open seats at all levels — county, state and federal. Read More


No gender bias in primary election

I am a woman. I want more women elected to office. But I do not blindly vote for all female candidates. I vote for the better- qualified candidate, male or female, as do many of my friends. Read More

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Off the News


Hawaii Opioid Initiative: Remedy for relief

Unlike cases soaring across the U.S., Hawaii’s rate of opioid misuse is low — and an action plan is working to keep it that way. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Aedward Los Banos

Here’s one way to describe the Hawaii Community Development Authority mission: Grasp the reins and try to steer the redevelopment of land-use zones through a state of transition. Read More


Alohe ē ke ʻahi i ka pokē ʻia

This week, we continue our examination of the word “pokē” (as it is spelled on the Aloha Pokē Website), and whether or not it is a real Hawaiian word. If it is not, should we be concerned about its co-option? Read More

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