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Our View

Results proved value of voting

There really is no excuse for primary election turnout numbers as low as those Hawaii posted on Saturday, leaving the islands — still — in the basement of voter statistics nationwide. Read More

Island Voices

There’s no aloha in Aloha Pokë’s litigious business practices

The recent flurry of cease-and-desist letters unleashed by Aloha Pokë Co.’s lawyers has rightfully resulted in a passionate backlash from Native Hawaiians, other indigenous peoples, and those for whom cultural exploitation leaves a bad aftertaste. Read More


Mail-in voting cheapens process

On Saturday, I cast my 63rd consecutive vote in a governmental election. My first was just after I turned 21 during the first term of President Dwight Eisenhower. Read More

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Off the News

Honolulu heads for Little League World Series

There’s something special about watching Little League baseball: the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat, is particularly poignant as seen on the faces of young athletes aged 10 to 12. Read More


No roof, no problem: How ratepayers can share in the solar revolution

If things continue to progress at their current pace, more of Hawaii’s electric ratepayers soon will start to feel some warmth from the solar energy revolution, even if they own neither a roof nor a photovoltaic cell. Read More

Name in the News

Name in the News: Lee Putnam

Over a span of three decades of University of Hawaii employment, Lee Putnam’s career path took some unexpected turns. Read More


He aloha ē ka iʻa i ka poke ʻia

The appropriation of language is certainly of importance, but we must not forget some of the more egregious inequities inherent to existence under colonial rule. Read More

On Politics

The election’s clear winner — voting by mail — should be implemented statewide

The primary election is complete and one question has been answered. I can’t talk about who won or lost because this column had to be written before the Saturday election, but I already know one thing. Read More