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 OHA's challenge to open-meetings ruling lacks merit
Created by the 1978 state Constitutional Convention, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is a public trust and state agency — that's a fact, albeit one that might not sit well among a growing number of Hawaiian sovereigntists. Story »
Island Voices
We are excited by the Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation's launch of the Education Institute of Hawaii. The result is an important discussion on where our public school system heads next. Story »

On Dec. 17, 1964, at a press conference resembling a scene out of the '60s-genre show, "Mad Men," architect Vladimir Ossipoff declared a "War on Ugliness." Ossipoff was incoming president of the American Institute of Architects Hawaii Chapter, and his declaration of war wasn't about razing ugly buildings and replacing them with beautiful ones.  Story »

Beneath the warm turquoise waters and vibrant colorful reefs of Hawaii, a nasty storm is brewing, reaching white-out conditions that would stop an Eskimo in his tracks. Story »

For Thursday, December 18, 2014
'Slim line' seats ruin flying experience • Internet should be open to everyone • King Street was oasis for drivers • Honolulu not ready for new cycle track • Keep ownership of HECO in Hawaii • UH hiring decisions should be about 'fit'


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For Thursday, December 18, 2014
The macadamia nut industry has to be happy that it had such a cranky advocate in Cho Hyun-ah. That, of course, is the Korean Air Lines executive.
Harrison Rue is administrator of the city's transit-oriented development (TOD) program, helping to direct the way the city intersects — and how all the other transit modes connect — with the rail project. Story »

Bikeway improvements, such as the cycle track Honolulu has just built, are not the only concern for Gil Penalosa and his advocacy group, 8-80 Cities, but they're a big part of it.  Story »

Sunday Comic
 Story »

Ron Iwami wasn't sure in 2005 that taking on the state's Hawaii Community Development Authority and original "Big Five" member Alexander & Baldwin Inc. was something he should do.

Dawn Amano-Ige is standing alone at the edge of Washington Place's lanai watching this columnist trudge through the back lawn between the security guards and the state Capitol.

Another football player from Hawai‘i has a chance to win the Heisman trophy.

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