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 HCDA shouldn't rush hearings
Surely, there is more integrity to the Kakaako redevelopment approvals process than hewing to developers' timetables. Unfortunately, that's the questionable impression being sown with the public as HCDA accelerates hearings and decision-making schedules for two high-impact projects in the district.  Story »
Island Voices
In less than a week, we will have the mid-term elections. We've see most of the same faces, switching places or careers and campaigning with the usual truckload of promises that they know they won't be able to keep, "humbly asking for our vote" to send them to Congress in Washington, D.C., or to be our governor, state senator and so on.  Story »

The Education Institute of Hawaii arranged for us to visit four very different school systems, and asked only that we keep an open mind about what practices and organizational structures might be worth emulating or avoiding, and then to share our opinions upon returning home. Story »

The Maui County "GMO moratorium initiative" reported on TV and in the press has been difficult to witness for someone trained in science. Much of what is said in the media in favor of this initiative is designed to misinform by presenting half-truths and very selective use of scientific data.  Story »

The hospitals and long-term care facilities of the Hawaii Health System Corp. (HHSC) provide critical and essential health care services that form the "safety net" for many of our neighbor island and rural communities.  Story »

The precarious financial position of our state hospital system has lingered for more than a decade. Unfortunately, state government leaders have allowed it to languish. Story »

Health care costs are rising and government coffers are shrinking. Who should we protect? Should we protect our poor and indigent and neighbor island residents, or should we protect our government systems like education? Story »

Elections always offer a chance to attend certain problems, and our public hospital system certainly needs attention. Story »

Resilience is more than an individual personal trait, it's a collective community asset, one that must be learned, taught and handed down through the generations.

For Saturday, November 1, 2014
Vote on Election Day, not before • 'Closely held values' suspect • Who controls Super PAC? • Toxic chemicals on Maui, Molokai • Too much sports on front page


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For Saturday, November 1, 2014
Hawaii folks generally like that visitors find the islands spectacular. We count on it, in fact. But when that spectacle is fraught with as much danger as a lava flow, close encounters are an undeniably bad addition to the itinerary.
2014 Endorsements
Sunday Comic
 Story »

Oddly enough, the defining issue of this campaign season is something we don't do: tax pensions. The federal government taxes pensions, 40 states tax pensions, and while Hawaii's general excise tax gets a piece of the action every time money changes hands, we do not tax pensions.

Synopsis: What would be a good mascot for the Rainbow Warriors and the Rainbow Wāhine? Maybe Kalo Man. Or maybe there needs to be two mascots.

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