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 Complete schools energy audit
In this era of rising demands on the public educational system, officials are duty-bound to make the most of its limited resources, cutting waste where possible so that those funds can be plowed back into delivering service to the students. Story »
Hawaii's vibrant network of nonprofit social service agencies plays a huge role in improving the lives of the state's most vulnerable, disenfranchised people. When it comes to tackling complex social problems, these nonprofits can be most effective when they work in sync, targeting their individual resources and expertise toward common goals. Story »

Island Voices
Hawaii should not wait any longer to join the list of states that have legalized marijuana. There is simply too much at stake for us to allow our Legislature to peck away at this for five or 10 years without taking real action. Story »

As I watched President Barack Obama deliver his annual State of the Union address to Congress recently, I felt a sense of pride as he mentioned the role that community colleges play in strengthening our economy, especially in the area of skills training and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Story »

For Friday, January 30, 2015
Bonds for rail always the plan • Mayor's excuses keep changing • Ivory ban will boost poaching • Doctor shortage due to less pay • Climate change fuels hyperbole


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Boot camp is not for toddlers. It is not for potty training. That there is a market for "potty camp" and "potty boot camp" is a sad commentary on modern life. • At long last, research-ers here have received a permit to import industrial hemp seeds from Australia for Hawaii's Industrial Hemp Research Project, which was signed into law last April after years of advocacy.
Hawaii is still a long way from having liquefied natural gas as a major component in its energy portfolio, replacing some of the oil used in electrical generation and filling the needs of customers who use gas directly. Story »

It all started, said Alicia Moy, about five years ago, when the two oil refineries serving Hawaii were contemplating pulling up stakes. Story »

As we begin a new year and a new Congress, we have opportunities to accomplish a great deal to build a sustainable future that creates educational opportunities for our keiki, protects Medicare and Social Security for our kupuna, and strengthens our middle-class families for a healthy and secure economy.  Story »

As one of the newest members of Congress, I am honored to serve the constituency of the 1st Congressional District of Hawaii.  Story »

Sunday Comic
 Story »

Wesley Lo is Maui region chief executive officer for the state's Hawaii Health Systems Corp. and believes an agreement that his region has been negotiating with a potential private partner, Hawaii Pacific Health, could be a model for statewide application.

Back in 2005, the Legislature should have called in Dr. Phil because the 76-member body turned out to be more of a major enabler than a maker of laws. Ten years ago, the debate was always about whether Honolulu would get rail.

Synopsis: A eulogy for a beloved mother who recently passed away.

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