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 'Pay as you throw' good for the 'aina
"Pay as You Throw" is not a new concept. More than 7,000 towns and cities nationwide offer financial incentives that encourage people to generate less garbage, and to recycle more of the rubbish they do produce. Story »
Island Voices
World headlines barrage us nearly daily of strife in places like Ukraine, Gaza and Syria. Nearly every week we hear of another crisis resulting from issues like climate change, human rights violations, social injustice and refugee crises which transcend borders.  Story »

On Tuesday, we celebrated Women's Equality Day, the anniversary of the day when women were given the right to vote in the United States.  Story »

Too often, analysis of Gaza is reduced to bumper-sticker declarations: "Israel has a right to defend itself" or "10,000 rockets was enough." But the story of the siege on Gaza is far more complex.  Story »

We view the transformation of Hawaii's energy future through the lens of "Faster, Better and Cheaper." For us, faster is vital because of the detrimental impact of high oil prices on the average resident and business.  Story »

On Aug. 26, the Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) will release much-awaited plans for its vision of Hawaii's energy future. HECO is in good company: States everywhere are taking a fresh look at energy and the companies that provide it. Story »

One hundred years ago today -- Aug. 24, 1914 -- a Hawaiian Electric ad in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin promoted Westinghouse electric fans, asking readers to "count up the minutes and hours lost on account of the heat at the desk that has no fan."  Story »

Briefly, before heading off to law school, Judge R. Mark Browning, 59, spent a few years as a teacher at 'Iolani School. That came with its own set of challenges, everything from instruction in math -- never his strong suit, Browning admitted -- to, upon the conversion to co-educational classrooms, the first sex-education class at the formerly boys-only campus.

For Thursday, August 28, 2014
Hawaii killing goose that lays golden egg • Political elite bear blame for rail costs • Rail an example of 'bait and switch'; and more


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For Thursday, August 28, 2014
Would an objective report cost more? • Hawaii car accidents not comparable to all states
2014 Endorsements
Sunday Comic
 Story »

First it was all Dwayne Yoshina's fault that Hawaii's elections ran poorly. Back in 1998, politicians ranging from Colleen Hanabusa to Linda Lingle so howled at Yoshina's performance that the 1998 election was recounted, all 412,000 ballots.

Candidates running for office should give half of all campaign funds raised to an account for disaster relief for Hawai'i.

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Preserving History
Strung with colorful madrases and festooned with cloths and hanging lanterns, as well as a screen playing classical Indian films, the Bollywood bug attacks theater guests instantly. Read More »
Letting Keiki Find Their Own Passion
From ballet to hula, I’ve had visions of tulle tutus and petite pa’u skirts for my little dancing queen. I grew up taking ballet and tap lessons, and recognized my daughter’s early love of music, rhythm and movement. Read More »

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