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 5 Things We Love
5 Things We Love is a shortlist of newly discovered stuff you have got to see, hear, wear, use or eat. What are you loving this week? Send a brief description of your latest favorite thing, where to find it and how much it costs, along with your name and contact info to features@staradvertiser.com.  Story »
When Dale Cripps was a kid, his parents couldn't afford many of the battery-operated toys he wanted to play with. So in his grown-up years, he became a passionate collector of the very toys he never had.  Story »

The summer Obon season is nearly here, honoring the Buddhist tradition of commemorating family ancestors, who are said to return to this world to visit relatives. Here is a list of festivities across the state. Story »

For Saturday, August 30, 2014
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At this year's Eckankar Spiritual Fair attendees are invited to experience "Adventures in the Light and Sound of God" through past lives, dreams and soul travel. The public may drop in at any time during the free event set.  Story »

The Unitarian Universalist Leeward Ohana Group will be launched as a new branch of the Unitarian Universalist church on Sept. 13 at Island Pacific Academy in Kapolei. The Rev. Jonipher Kupono Kwong, minister at the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu (FUCH), will deliver the opening sermon. Story »

You could say that Errol and Nancy Rubin aren't afraid of heights, given that their garden is basically a straight climb up more than 125 steps. Their multilevel home in Enchanted Lake, Kailua, is right up against a large hillside.  Story »

The equation for good health includes variables we can control, and others, not so much. With diet and exercise, we can make choices to enhance health. But when it comes to the everyday stresses in life, the triggers may be primarily out of our control. Life happens! Story »

There certainly have been some hot days this summer. Over the years, I have discovered that when I'm hot, heavy amounts of oak and higher alcohol levels in wine are not what I am looking for. Story »

 On the Scene

When the videojournalists at Waianae Intermediate planned to produce a story about a transgender classmate for "Hiki No," the student news show on PBS Hawaii, Robert Pennybacker held his breath — but only for a moment. Story »

Football season is nearly upon us, and 40 years ago, the World Football League was launched with 12 franchises, including one right here in Honolulu. The team was dubbed The Hawaiians. Story »

While we are all familiar with the mushrooms we find in our grocery stores, I hear concern from home gardeners surrounding mushrooms and other fungi in our backyards.  Story »

Bromeliads are interesting, diverse and unusual plants with varieties ranging from the wispy Spanish moss to the huge Vriesea imperialis to the one edible bromeliad: the pineapple. Story »

Sue Cowing calls it a “burning wing.” It’s a sharp pain that would flare up under her left shoulder blade whenever Cowing, an award-winning poet and writer, sat for too long at her computer or while writing in her notebook.  Story »

There was a time not very long ago when it was difficult to find a good selection of great craft beer in Hawaii. Story »

Few ever take the time to consider the bagel. It's a most serviceable form of food, providing cheap fuel or a sturdy base for lovely lox and nice and fatty cream cheese.  Story »

Two supermarket chains were among the most active recruiters at the Culinary Institute of America when Keoni Chang was a student there in the early '90s.  Story »

The Hawaii United Okinawa Association anticipates more than 50,000 attendees at its 32nd annual Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park this weekend.  Story »

As a child, I ate sheets of teriyaki-flavored nori by the dozens. Green flecks lived in my teeth. I'd try to get non-Japanese friends to eat some, but I think they assumed I was crazy to eat stuff that was considered fish food.  Story »

Former Kahala Hilton public relations chief Kay Ahearn, 80, died Aug. 5. Kay was much more than a PR woman dealing with media at the hotel, now The Kahala Hotel and Resort; she was more like a manager helping to see that guests. Story »

La Pietra — Hawaii School for Girls will mark its 50th anniversary with a Sunset Jazz gala Sept. 14 on the Great Lawn on the slopes of Diamond Head. The campus' entertainment beacon, singer and teacher Shari Lynn has assembled some first-rate talent for an evening of song and supper on the historic site. Story »

A free screening of the Korean film "Papa" will be shown at the Mamiya Theatre at Saint Louis School at 7 p.m. Sept. 8. This special screening is made possible with the sponsorship of the Korea Foundation, the Korean Consulate of Hawaii and KBFD TV. Story »

"Slow jams" was the term used in the 1990s to describe songs with slow rhythms, introspective lyrics and heavy, solid bass lines. Vocalist Maryanne Ito and her producers revive that genre with her debut album and toss in an up-tempo dance club cut as well.  Story »

A sincere desire to help the Hawaiian monk seal survive as a species is what motivates independent filmmakers Robin and Andrew Eitelberg of Monterey, Calif. Story »

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