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 5 Things We Love: Gifts that give back
We kick off our holiday series of things we love with gifts that give back by benefitting nonprofit organizations and charities. Next week, we offer up suggestions for made-in-Hawaii gifts.  Story »
Pet owners looking to launch the next Internet sensation or just longing for a new view of their dog's dashing and digging won't have to shop for long to find the perfect holiday gift. Wrap up a dog harness that holds GoPro's durable cameras and watch Frisbee fetch, lazy lap naps and every memory in between come alive.  Story »

Though Michel’s may be small in size, its food looms large in popularity and reputation. Impeccable is the operative word at Michel’s, which boasts classic tableside service, high-quality ingredients.   Story »

Best Fall Fair: 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Ewa Community Church, 91-1258 Renton Road, with crafts, baked goods, food, rummage sale, collectibles and more. Call 681-3471 or email ewacommchurch@gmail.com. Story »

The holiday catalogs and gift guides are starting to pour in, full of wonderful stuff to wrap for friends and family. But what about those who don't really want more stuff?  Story »

For Sunday, November 23, 2014
Creation could win cash • Share your holiday display with readers • Send your events for holiday fun guide
The Hawaii Friends of Sabeel, the Muslim Association of Hawaii, the Hawaii Coalition for Justice in Palestine and various other organizations and University of Hawaii departments and centers will host three events featuring Noura Era­kat, an international human rights attorney and activist. Story »

The Catholic Diocese of Hono­lulu's Prison Ministry is collecting donations to bring together children and their incarcerated mothers at the Women's Community Correctional Center on Oahu for a Christmas party. Story »

Tom and Rosamond Miller enjoy spending most of their time at home in their enclosed lanai, a veritable greenhouse filled with potted plants and an eclectic collection of knickknacks. It's a place full of memories.  Story »

The holiday season is just around the corner, and for too many people that means 5 to 10 pounds of weight gain that will inevitably lead to a New Year's resolution to crash-diet. Wouldn't it make more sense to start those health and fitness resolutions at the beginning of the holidays instead of at the end? Story »

Wine lovers are lucky to have a whole world to explore in the pursuit of good wine. Many of us gravitate toward award winners and those wines that garner high scores and accolades. Story »

 On the Scene

For aspiring storytellers trying to make connections in the high-stakes world of Hollywood, it never hurts to have an ally. But it's even better if the ally takes your phone calls.  Story »

Jon Anderson's contributions to the radio, television and newspaper business on Guam have made him a media icon. This month we look back at Anderson's career, which included several years in Hawaii during the 1960s.  Story »

A Chinese yellow swallowtail laid her eggs on my lemon tree, and now I have fat little green caterpillars voraciously eating the leaves on their way to becoming beautiful butterflies. Story »

Kale is all the rage today, in green drinks, sauteed with garlic and in all kinds of ono preparations. One plant that is even easier to grow than kale and has many of the same health benefits is Okinawan spinach. Story »

For professional dancer Cara Horibe, impending motherhood is no reason to stop moving. After all, dancing is a part of her life. "Everyone keeps asking me, so are you still teaching?" said Horibe, who is seven months' pregnant.  Story »

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the beverages. To complete your festive meal, you'll want a drink that will work with all of those classic dishes, from turkey and gravy to cranberry sauce. Story »

I constantly listen to people tell me they wish they could try this restaurant or that restaurant but, due to family obligations, work hours or financial reasons, are unable to do so. Story »

Thanksgiving approaches, time for my annual mash-up of recipes and charity. This is our eighth year of offering the five top "By Request" recipes of the year as a benefit for the Star-Advertiser's Good Neighbor Fund, which provides aid to families in need. Story »

Did you know that the Institute for Human Services, or IHS, provides take-home food to households in need through a partnership with the Hawaii Foodbank? Story »

Sometimes I regret my offer to bake for a friend's birthday. I've had several friends forgo the traditional cake in favor of pie. While I do love a layer cake, I can muster up great pies: pecan, pumpkin, lemon meringue, French silk or any number of creamy, fattening pies. Story »

A treasure chest of hula was on view Nov. 15 at Koa‘e Kea's dazzling dinner extravaganza in the Ala Moana Hotel's Garden Lanai. Koa‘e Kea is an organization made up of retired Hawaiian Airlines hostesses. Story »

With Thanksgiving approaching, we posed a simple question to local notables: "What are you thankful for this year?" Responses were overwhelmingly personal yet pertinent, reflecting core values like family and health.  Story »

The makeup of South Korean households is rapidly changing, with a full quarter of households comprising only one member. That proportion is projected to grow to one-third by 2035. This has resulted in a boom for convenience stores. Story »

"Kawaiokalena" Keali‘i Reichel (Punahele Productions) • "Our Treasured Memories" Society of Seven (Society of Seven) • "The Real Thing" I.A. featuring Mike Izon (no label) • "Lost in Paradise" Greenwood (Forest in Leaf) • "An Ukulele Christmas 2" Various artists (Neos Productions) Story »

For more than 50 years, Rainbow Drive-In in Kapa­hulu has been the go-to place for plate lunches, loco mocos and chili dogs. Even President Barack Obama eats there while on vacation.  Story »

2014 Buddy Walk
Down Syndrome Ohana of Hawaii hosted its 2014 Buddy Walk at Kakaako Park. Money raised will allow the organization to continue to build awarenesss, promote inclusion and reach out to families in Hawaii. Read More »
Miranda Kerr at Samantha Thavasa
Supermodel Miranda Kerr and actor/singer Takahiro of the popular Japanese rock group Exile made a special appearance at a private event at Samantha Thavasa in Ala Moana Center. Read More »

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