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At Zazzle and Cafepress you can upload favorite images and decorate custom journals and notebooks with different fonts and colors. There are also fun backgrounds like chevrons, animal prints, sports themes and nature motifs that can be jazzed up with monograms or catchphrases. (www.zazzle.com, www.cafepress.com) Story »

The summer Obon season is nearly here, honoring the Buddhist tradition of commemorating family ancestors, who are said to return to this world to visit relatives. Here is a list of festivities across the state. Story »

For Sunday, July 20, 2014
Charlie Chan Mystery Tour to hit downtown locales • Choose your favorites for Honolulu Pulse Awards • Exhibit at Queen's explores health and native cultures
The Rev. Stan Bain, co-organizer of the Hawai‘i Coalition for Immigration Reform, is urging people of all faiths to take part in this weekend's national interfaith Weekend of Compassion and Prayer for Unaccompanied Migrant Children, which lasts until sundown Sunday. Story »

Japanese immigrants buried in a common grave in Makiki will be remembered at an obon service set for Saturday, with dozens of ministers from various Buddhist sects gathering for sutra chanting. Story »

From the moment you step into the garden in front of the Slater home in Pacific Heights, you're drawn in. Perhaps it's the colorful orchids growing on top of the rock wall on the left, or the broad staghorn fern slung from a tree, or the way the concrete pavers skip along a green lawn leading up to a white gate.  Story »

People often tell us that figuring out how to eat a healthful diet has become very confusing. Worldwide, different cultures have evolved a wide variety of different styles of eating that support good health.  Story »

The call to arms was to bake a pie that maximized the use of local ingredients. Entrants in the Hawaii Farm Bureau's Best Local Pie Contest took up the challenge. And then some. Story »

 On the Scene

Anyone who watches "Hawaii Five-0" knows the show's high-octane stunts are as common as bad guys. There were so many last season that stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente figures he could make a 45-minute highlight reel. Story »

On July 20, 1969, the late President John F. Kennedy's quest for Americans to land on the moon before the decade ended was complete. Apollo 11 launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but Hawaii ended up being an important final piece to the mission. Story »

Summer is the perfect time of year to plant a pollinator garden. Creating a habitat is one of the best ways we can support our pollinators and slow the declines we have experienced in Hawaii due to habitat loss, pesticide usage, disease and introduced species. Story »

It's been a wet year, but we still need to be conscious of ways to conserve water. Using techniques and the right plants in our gardens is wise planning for the future.  Story »

Keala Fung conquers long distances, marching thousands of miles. Two years ago she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,660-mile trek from the Cascade Range in Washington through Oregon, to the Sierra Nevada in California down to the border with Mexico. Story »

There is something about beer in a can that brings to mind sunny weather and a day at the beach -- good times. Story »

At the new Liliha Bakery in Iwilei, stick with the burgers and breakfast while the new location finds its way. Story »

My friend Mary asked if I could track down the recipe for shrimp scampi that she remembers enjoying at the old Columbia Inn. Story »

Spicy, creamy, cool or cheesy, dips are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser you can take to any occasion this summer. Dips are easily paired with chips, crackers, pita, crudites or even fresh fruit. Story »

Last December, just before the holidays, we were eagerly awaiting our first batch of lilikoi from the tangled vine all along our chain-link fence.  Story »

Carole Kai Ono­uye is presenting a half-hour special, "How Do YOU Remember Vietnam?" at 8 p.m. Tuesday. It was written by Bob Jones, who covered the war for The Hono­lulu Advertiser and was wounded by friendly fire. Story »

Hawaii's Bruno Mars is the No. 2 touring attraction this summer, according to Pollstar, right behind Bruce Springsteen at No. 1 and ahead of Cher at No. 3. Story »

Jae-woo finds himself interested in Da-jung. Ihn-woo is shocked that Da-jung didn't move in next door because of him Story »

Ken Emerson reintroduced Hawaii to the sound of the acoustic steel guitar in the late 1970s when he and brother Phil Emerson recorded a self-titled album in 1979 and did a second milestone al- bum, “South Sea Island Magic,” with Moe Keale in 1980. Story »

The annual Hawai'i Conservation Conference is always a dynamic time. It's when a diverse group of scientists, policymakers, conservation practitioners, educators, students and community members from Hawaii and the Pacific converge to talk about conservation.  Story »

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