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 Bullies beware
A lot of popular young adult literature these days deals with an imaginary dystopian, nightmarish world, where brave youth overcome overwhelming obstacles to triumph. Story »
The third annual Sweet Onion Festival is ready to bring you plenty of family fun and some ono grindz, but the Kapolei happening means a bit more for local produce lovers. Story »

While growing up, Pearl City cartoonist Jon J. Murakami did not have computers, DVDs or YouTube for entertainment. He watched Saturday morning cartoons on TV, read comic strips in the newspaper and browsed through comic books at the library. Story »

For Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Aloun Farms onion festival features plenty of food, fun • Slow Food O‘ahu offers a taste of Chinatown • It's the Ladies vs. Gents as chefs duke it out at MW • Get creative with condiments
Molokai resident Clarence Kahili­hiwa says there was a time when even conversation about Hansen's disease and those afflicted by it was hushed, "taboo" subject matter.  Story »

Helen Abe was understandably tentative, standing in her bare feet before a bed of burning coals. At age 87 she was about to take a step of faith in a purifying ritual meant to cleanse her of negative karma and invigorate her life.  Story »


 Cancer survivor honors those dear to her with lovely garden
When kumu hula ‘Iwalani Walsh Tseu walks around her garden on a sprawling property in Ewa Beach, she feels blessed. The garden, which she named Pu‘u­ho­nua o Hono­uli­uli, was envisioned as a gathering place for cancer survivors as well as a gift for her daughters and grandchildren. Story »


Over the years, the pinot noir grape variety has garnered quite a reputation and following in Burgundy, France, and is now booming in both Cali­for­nia and Oregon as well. What most wine lovers do not know, however, is that pinot noir is also the patriarch to a family of other pinot grape varieties. Story »

 On the Scene

A lot of film and TV projects fail early. The timing isn't right. Financial backers get cold feet. Studio executives change and with them, priorities.  Story »

Thirty-five years ago this month the original "Hawaii Five-O" said aloha after 12 seasons on CBS. We look back at actor Jack Lord, who played Steve McGarrett during its run. Story »

Is your morning coffee from Kona or Kauai? Are cucumber, zucchini and squash part of your diet? Love lychee? You can credit our kama­aina honeybees, descendents of European stock, for doing much of the work to pollinate our local produce. Story »

Don't you just hate it when your orchids shrivel and die from mysterious causes, or when your line of potted plants looks like death row for daisies, or when your favorite water lilies lie submerged under toxic algae scum? Story »

Takeout is convenient. I get that. But lately, I've been thinking about how much waste is generated by takeout — including the single-use plastic fork and knife, the clamshell, the little sauce containers, all wrapped in a plastic bag. Story »

 A paddler's perspective on the world around him
When he's out on the ocean, reaching into the blueness to pull his paddleboard through miles of rolling swells, Jeff Peterson often finds an existential pleasure. Peterson can paddle for miles, arms aching from the effort, but his surroundings will send his spirits soaring, be it off wild and windy Kahuku Point, along Oahu's scenic North Shore or in the middle of the Kaiwi Channel, stroking from Molokai to Oahu. Story »

Oahu's brewing scene is growing rapidly as new breweries and brewpubs set their sites on thirsty residents and visitors seeking locally produced craft beer. I'll be featuring all of our new breweries over the next couple of months. Story »

Former customers of Ninja Sushi at Ward Village are surprised to walk into the new Ginza Sushi that appeared in its place and see the familiar faces of Russell and Hannah Won. Story »

Shibazuke is a member of the tsukemono clan of Japanese pickled vegetables. Although it is made with cucumbers and eggplant, its closest relation is umeboshi, the tart pink pickled plum that is the heart of a true musubi. Story »

Celebrate Earth Month and enjoy the day at Hawaiian Electric's Grow Hawaiian Festival at Bishop Museum. The festival offers fascinating crafts, family activities and ono food prepared by local chefs. Story »

My father is an adventurous foodie, but there are a few classic foods he can never pass up on. If you take him to an ice cream parlor, he will always order vanilla. If there is a pork chop that promises to be perfect, he will get it. If there is bread pudding on the dessert menu, he has eyes for nothing else.  Story »

Hawaii Five-O" will be in the air at Barnes & Noble Ala Moana Saturday at 1 p.m. when Lisa Freeman, daughter of "Hawaii Five-O" creator Leonard Freeman and his wife, Rose, signs her book "Honey Girl." Story »

Theodore "Ted" Chapin, president and executive director of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization, which governs the performing rights for the classic R&H repertoire, considers our homegrown Loretta Ables Sayre (who earned a Tony nomination when she re-created the role for Lincoln Center Theatre's "South Pacific" hit from 2008 to 2010) as the show's defining portrayal of Bloody Mary. Story »

The South Korean film "Twenty" opened Friday at the Pearlridge Consolidated Theatres. This film, which opened in South Korea on March 25, has surpassed 2 million ticket sales in 12 days. It's a comedy about three 20-year-olds who hit some bumps in their love life and career planning. Story »

Slack-key guitarist shines both solo and when joined by other players • "Pauline Kekahuna and Her Hau‘oli Girls" • "Over the Rainbow" Story »

Hanging from nylon straps on the beach might look like child's play, but the TRX circuit training workout is both challenging and invigorating. You can feel your arms getting toned as you lift your own body weight during each move. Story »


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