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For more than 30 years, Harada has been the Kris Kringle of crafting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The 72-year-old journalist embarks on a frenzy of gift making that would put Santa's elves to shame.  Story »

Holiday shopping is sweeter at Choco le‘a • Peer inside your cupboard for gift ideas • Treat someone on your list to Cirque-style show • Kikaida updated for 21st century • Portable speakers can be music to the ears this Christmas Story »

Kids, help us get in the holiday spirit and trim our pages with your holiday creations. Design an ornament for our annual Keiki Kalikimaka contest and you'll have a chance at prizes of $100, $75 and $50 cash.  Story »

Though Michel’s may be small in size, its food looms large in popularity and reputation. Impeccable is the operative word at Michel’s, which boasts classic tableside service, high-quality ingredients.   Story »

Arts & Crafts • Craft & Gift Fairs • Family Fun • Gift of Giving • Honolulu City Lights • 'The Nutcracker' • Parades • Performances & Shows • Pet-friendly • Stage/Screen/Movies • Miscellaneous • At the Malls Story »

Terri Koike's collection of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments lives up to the name. The more than 500 pieces are reminders of family milestones and memories. Koike, an administrative specialist at the city Division of Urban Forestry, began her collection in 1987. Story »

For Thursday, December 18, 2014
Local fashion projects seek financing via crowdfunding • Hermès Le Bain pops up at T Galleria Waikiki
The orthodox Jewish synagogue, 410 Atkinson Drive, next to the entrance of the Ala Moana Hotel, will hold its annual menorah-lighting in Waikiki and parade on Wednesday, and a "Grand Hanukkah Party," including games and treats for keiki, on Friday. Story »

Jodo Mission of Hawaii is looking for students or former residents who lived in the dormitory behind its Makiki temple who can help fill a gap in its 82-year history. Story »

If you're visiting Manoa Valley Theatre, just look across the street and you'll see Mike Suehiro's Christmas display for his grandchildren. "It's not the holidays without kids," Suehiro explained. "Grandkids can really change your life." Story »

This column is a request for all present and future parents to help their children strive for a healthy body, but not at the expense of their self-esteem. An increasing number of young adults are dissatisfied with their bodies. Story »

Beers are unique because brewers can add almost anything to them — from fruit and chocolate to spices and hot peppers — to create incredible flavors and experiences. Story »

 On the Scene

The irony of her situation wasn't lost on artist Margaret Keane during last week's New York premiere of "Big Eyes," the Tim Burton film about her life. Keane's haunting portraits of children with large, round eyes were a pop-culture fixture from the late 1950s to the late 1980s. Story »

The popular radio program "Hawaii Calls" will celebrate its 80th anniversary next year. Webley Edwards, the creator, producer and longtime host of "Hawaii Calls," was an important media figure on both the national and local level. This month we look back on Edwards and his career. Story »

The rainy season is off to a strong start this year, with most areas across the state reporting above average rainfall. While rain is generally a good thing in the garden, too much rain can pose challenges, particularly when it comes to plant disease.  Story »

A source of healthy food from a beautiful Hawaiian tree growing in your own garden or a community garden — now that is a gift worth giving (or receiving)! Ulu, or breadfruit, is something we should grow and eat more of in Hawaii.  Story »

In the Netherlands there's a dedicated bike commuter path embedded with solar cells that generate electricity for homes. Here in Honolulu we are simply celebrating the baby step of earning bronze-level status from the League of American Bicyclists. Story »

Sunrise often finds Jack Roney on the blue waters of Kailua Bay, paddling his one-man outrigger canoe toward the horizon. That's one of the advantages of living on Kawainui Canal, a mile-long waterway that leads to Kailua Bay.  Story »

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the beverages. To complete your festive meal, you'll want a drink that will work with all of those classic dishes, from turkey and gravy to cranberry sauce. Story »

The way I see it, restaurants in Hawaii largely fall into three camps: the local, the national corporate and the Japan-affiliated, whether the owner is a transplant or the company has Japan ties. Story »

Talking to strangers can pay off. Especially when the stranger is a nice lady with a good recipe and a willingness to share. Story »

With Christmas around the corner, a good way to keep ourselves from over-indulging is to balance hearty holiday foods with light and festive side dishes. Story »

If I even have an extra minute, I have a talent for filling it. I say "yes" to too much. In theory I want to have less to do, but I usually end up with one more assignment at the end of a conversation. Story »

A treasure chest of hula was on view Nov. 15 at Koa‘e Kea's dazzling dinner extravaganza in the Ala Moana Hotel's Garden Lanai. Koa‘e Kea is an organization made up of retired Hawaiian Airlines hostesses. Story »

With Santa still struggling, To finish his omiyage list, To avoid last-minute juggling. His mission was challenging, Searching all over the aina. For items large and small, Some majah, some mynah.  Story »

"Modern Farmer" • Episodes 7 and 8 • Sunday, 6:30 p.m.: Min-ki and Yun-hui have an uncomfortable visit with his mother. On their way back, Yun-hui's purse is snatched and she hurts her other ankle. Story »

In 2013 producer-musician Gerard K. Gonsalves and Tin Idols Productions reimagined rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" as heavy metal and created "Jesus Christ Supernova."  Story »

Honoring Ancestors Through Art
Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance artist known for his painting of “The Last Supper,” managed to resurrect one of the most revered biblical scenes of all times through his artwork. Read More »
Making Beautiful Music For All Hawaii
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra (HSO) was founded in 2011 by a group of community leaders to carry on the legacy of Honolulu Symphony, which performed from 1902 to 2009. Read More »

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