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 King Kale 
As master multitaskers who keep their families' lives in motion, moms have a few requirements to keep all the balls in the air, especially when it comes to feeding their families: convenience, and time and cost savings. Story »
The ideas keep rolling along, this time quite literally for Bob McGee, formerly of The Whole Ox Deli. His latest project is Meatball, no explanation needed.  Story »

"Family Ingredients," the locally produced television pilot that featured the food history of chef Alan Wong, has been picked up for national release by PBS, a first for a Hawaii production. Story »

Celebrate the season with craft fairs, egg hunts, flower shows and other family-friendly activities • Craft & Gift Fairs • Egg Hunts • Spring Pictures • Arts & Crafts • Events • and more Story »

For Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Luau benefits robotics team • Explore ways to market food • Donations yield special offers

For years James Au refrained from taking part in a Chinese ancestor veneration ritual held in graveyards during annual Ching Ming festivals because he felt it conflicted with his Christian beliefs. Story »

The weeklong holiday of Passover, also called Pesach, recalls liberation from slavery in Egypt 3,000 years ago with a mix of sober storytelling and merrymaking tied to a Seder service. Story »

When asked about our most favorite foods, many of us in the U.S. do not include vegetables. However, people in many other parts of the world do. Why are we different in this respect? Story »

Personal trainer Chris Ranes is no quitter and practices what he preaches. The owner of Fitness Ranes gym spends countless hours encouraging clients with gentle admonishments such as "Don't quit," "Push harder" and "You've got this." Story »

One of the most influential "wine minds" of our time is Kermit Lynch, a prominent importer based in Berkeley, Calif. Lynch began his career with a small specialty shop, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant. Story »

 On the Scene

The actors are on vacation, production crew members have joined other local film and TV projects, and the Diamond Head soundstage is buttoned up. But even though "Hawaii Five-0" is on hiatus until July, location manager Timmy Chinn is already scouting for next season.  Story »

This week KITV turns 60 years old. The station has had three call letter changes over the years, but always remained an ABC affiliate. This month, we look back at the history of the station. Story »

Studies have found that home gardeners are apt to apply more pesticides than farmers or landscapers and with the National Garden Association reporting that 85 million U.S. households engage in home gardening, the collective misuse of pesticides is an issue of growing concern.  Story »

Author Bill McKibben calls himself an unlikely activist. McKibben, 53, of Vermont, would rather stay home and watch bees make honey than burn up jet fuel traveling around the world to build a climate movement. Story »

Shopping for beers is fun, but it can be intimidating for a newbie. With the number of new craft beers growing rapidly and the variety of different styles available (there are 138 beer styles encompassing subcategories, according to the Brewers Association), finding a beer that suits your tastes can be daunting. Story »

The first time I visited Nagomi Teppan restaurant in early January, it was a work in progress. The dining room was finished but the lounge was still under construction. So I made plans to return when the work was expected to be complete, in three weeks time.  Story »

We never had peanut butter coffee cake in any of the school cafeterias in any of the three institutions of my public school career. I want my money back. Story »

Traditionally, painted eggs were given during Easter to celebrate spring because they signify rebirth and fertility. We continue the tradition today with egg dyeing. Story »

These days, we rarely encounter our food outside of four walls. At the grocery store, fruits are always in season, and vegetables have barely a scratch on them. Story »

ProjectFocus Hawai‘i usually conducts annual photo internships for at-risk kids. This year it tried a new concept by working with residents ages 45 to 100 from The Care Center of Honolulu at 1900 Bachelot Street. Story »

Is a Seawind reunion in the works? Well, lead singer Pauline Wilson, who just did two concerts here with Music Magic to benefit Special Olympics Hawai‘i, is off to Los Angeles for a reunion and recording session with Seawind, the jazz fave from waaaaaay back that has been mostly dormant in recent times.  Story »

South Korea is getting some Hollywood screen time as Marvel Studios films the next "Avengers" movie in Seoul. Filming of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" started March 30 with Captain America on Mapo Bridge from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Story »

With the release of "Hawai‘i Keawe (Music For the Hawaiian Islands Vol. 1)," Kuana Torres Kahele embarks on a musical project that is almost unprecedented in Hawaiian music.  Story »


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