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To mainland readers unfamiliar with Makaha and the contradictions that fuel its reputation, February's issue of National Geographic offers a good beginner's guide to the often misunderstood community.  Story »

Friends Helping Friends, an evening of music, refreshments and dance organized in support of Hono­lulu writer Lynn Cook following the death of her husband, Richard Hardy, will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Feb. 8 at the Lotus Hono­lulu Hotel.  Story »

Dusk masked the approaching waves at Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu as they climbed to 15 feet before pounding the shallow, jagged reef below. Adrift in the rapid current and foamy sea was a photographer, exhausted from battling the relentless waves and fighting for his life.  Story »

Though Michel’s may be small in size, its food looms large in popularity and reputation. Impeccable is the operative word at Michel’s, which boasts classic tableside service, high-quality ingredients.   Story »

In a straightforward show that allows artists to speak in their own voices and on their own terms, Pegge Hopper Gallery launches 2015 with "13 Women." These are some of our heaviest hitters, veterans of state and private collections and various iterations of the Honolulu Museum of Art's juried "Artists of Hawaii" exhibit.  Story »

I stood there, longboard tucked under my arm, staring at the dark blue expanse before me. I could already feel the chill in the tradewinds. Story »

For Thursday, January 29, 2015
Anthropologie opens Ala Moana boutique • Write a love letter, win sweet prizes • Montsuki hosting its second sale ever • Woman Expo offers discount for vendors
Arise, a women's ministry at Inspire Church in Wai­kele, is organizing a series of conferences with talks focused on empowering women. Story »

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hono­lulu held a Taize "prayer around the cross" ecumenical service Thursday to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Story »

Bob Eddinger and Dr. Rodney Powell love spending just as much time in their garden as they do indoors, so they've created dozens of outdoor "rooms," as they call them, to enjoy the views from the hillside behind their home atop Tantalus. Story »

Ginger is grown commercially in Hawaii, especially on the Big Island and Kauai. Certain microclimates in the islands are ideal for growing some of the world's highest-quality ginger. In addition to its culinary uses, there is a great deal of interest in its potential health benefits. Story »

The other night, a customer at Hiro­shi Eurasion Tapas asked me what wine they should "put away" for their kids until adulthood. I get asked this question frequently, and the answer differs based on the number of years of cellaring and, more important, the budget per bottle. Story »

 On the Scene

Not much is left to chance on the set of a feature film. The way props are positioned can be just as important to a director as the tone of an actor's voice, so set dressers labor to create the necessary realism.  Story »

During the 1970s, tennis had a surge in popularity. Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King squared off in a "Battle of the Sexes" match on national television, and Hawaii had its own professional tennis team, the Hawaii Leis. This month we look back on the Leis franchise. Story »

Sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea), a legume plant from South Asia identifiable by its bright yellow flowers, is becoming a common cover crop. Tropic sunnhemp is an excellent source of organic nitrogen, which can reduce dependence on commercial fertilizers. Story »

Do you know the story of how macadamias came to Hawaii? The original grove is up Tantalus in the area called Nutridge, planted by two sailors, Edward and Robert Jordan, who traveled to the islands from Brisbane, Australia, with their pockets full of nuts in 1892. Story »

You could say Wes Wada embraces alternative energy with the formula of solar PV + EV. He owns two electric vehicles — a Nissan Leaf and a Mitsubishi i-MiEV — and last year invested in solar photovoltaic panels for the roof of his Honolulu home. The combination of PV and EV can be a great advantage. Story »

For Dr. Clayton Everline there's no better preparation for surfing than surfing. The real workout comes after a surf session. The North Shore surfer and orthopedist has a rigorous apres-surf stretching regimen designed to counteract the muscle imbalance that results from catching and riding a lot of waves. Story »

The year 2014 was an exceptional one for beer in Hawaii. We saw dozens of top-quality breweries distribute to the isles, adding more than 100 new beer choices to the shelves. Story »

Something's cooking at the Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel, once home to The Noodle Shop and the comedy/music trio of Frank de Lima and Na Kolohe. At some point the property went quiet, but now, all of a sudden, there's been a burst of activity. Story »

If you made a resolution to cook more good stuff and eat less bad, by this point in the new year, you already may be backsliding. Convenience meals and fast food can seem an easy fix when workdays are busy, commutes are long and your house is full of hungry people at 6 p.m. Story »

Those looking for a nontraditional sugary treat will find a variety of natural sugar alternatives in honey, agave and stevia. It's important to remember that these alternatives aren't necessarily calorie-free, and they might contain a fair amount of sugar, so read labels carefully. Story »

It's a recipe that empowers children: Put vegetables in water. Heat up the water. Then you have soup. That soup was immortalized in the story of the traveler who tricked an entire town into feeding him with a supposedly enchanted stone. Story »

When I put "American Sniper," starring Bradley Cooper and directed by Clint Eastwood, on my must-see list, I had no idea the Iraq War movie would become controversial because of the sniper's many killings. Story »

Sean Jones, the actor son of bassist Stephen Jones and wife Lee Ann, has earned his Actors Equity card by joining the prestigious Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Ore.  Story »


"Modern Farmer"

Episodes 19 and 20 (Final episode)

Sunday, 6:30 p. Story »

Mono-monickered guitarist Makana celebrates 25 years playing Hawaiian slack key with a double-CD album that also displays his broader musical horizons. Story »

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