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Collecting bottle caps helped Logan Miller stay focused while his Marine dad was deployed in Afghanistan. And once his father came home, the 10-year-old Kaneohe boy found his hobby gave him a sense of purpose.  Story »

The British rock band Bush will perform at next month's Sunset on the Beach premiere of "Hawaii Five-0," CBS announced. Story »

Sue Cowing calls it a “burning wing.” It’s a sharp pain that would flare up under her left shoulder blade whenever Cowing, an award-winning poet and writer, sat for too long at her computer or while writing in her notebook.  Story »

The summer Obon season is nearly here, honoring the Buddhist tradition of commemorating family ancestors, who are said to return to this world to visit relatives. Here is a list of festivities across the state. Story »

For Friday, August 15, 2014
"The Admiral: Roaring Currents" • "Once a Princess" • Hana Hou Picture Show: ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'
Whenever Muslim extremists trigger headlines worldwide for their latest atrocities, Islamic history professor Abdul-Karim Khan of Leeward Community College is approached by students, faculty and friends who ask: How can these terrorists possibly use religion to justify their aggression? Story »

Aug. 25 is the registration deadline for next month's All Believers Network (Belnet) workshop, which will explore similarities and differences in the religious traditions of the world. The Sept. 1 workshop is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the University of Hawaii's Shidler Hall auditorium. Story »

When Mitchel and Laverne Apo take a walk in their Pauoa neighborhood, it's not only to get exercise, but to see what treasures they might find.  Story »

There is rapidly growing awareness that Hawaii needs to reduce its reliance on imported foods and increase food production within the state. Food security is highly dependent on agricultural diversity and sustainability. Story »

There certainly have been some hot days this summer. Over the years, I have discovered that when I'm hot, heavy amounts of oak and higher alcohol levels in wine are not what I am looking for. Story »

 On the Scene

Kailua's Jonah Ray has come a long way from the nights when he played in punk bands and read funny poems between sets. Back then, in 2001, Ray enjoyed wailing on the drums, but what he wanted most was to make people laugh. Story »

Football season is nearly upon us, and 40 years ago, the World Football League was launched with 12 franchises, including one right here in Honolulu. The team was dubbed The Hawaiians. Story »

Summer is the perfect time of year to plant a pollinator garden. Creating a habitat is one of the best ways we can support our pollinators and slow the declines we have experienced in Hawaii due to habitat loss, pesticide usage, disease and introduced species. Story »

Bromeliads are interesting, diverse and unusual plants with varieties ranging from the wispy Spanish moss to the huge Vriesea imperialis to the one edible bromeliad: the pineapple. Story »

Sue Cowing calls it a “burning wing.” It’s a sharp pain that would flare up under her left shoulder blade whenever Cowing, an award-winning poet and writer, sat for too long at her computer or while writing in her notebook.  Story »

Whether you are a beer expert or a beginner, there is no better way to sample a wide variety of beers than at a beer festival. In recent years, beer festivals have exploded across the country, and Hawaii has a number of great events each year. Story »

The first time I spotted Restaurant Wada, the signage at the front of the 611 Kapa­hulu complex — with no breaks between words and no logos to separate it from its neighbor — gave me the impression it was a laundromat restaurant. Story »

What do you know about okra? It's slimy, right? And hairy. It goes into gumbo and lots of soups, stir-fries and stews, especially of the Fili­pino persuasion. And pickles — it makes nice pickles. And tempura. Story »

Finding time to cook on weeknights can be quite the challenge. After a full day of work, soccer practice and piano lessons, there's little time — or energy — to prepare a home-cooked meal. Story »

If California strawberries that stay in California are as good as residents claim, mangoes in Hawaii definitely rival that legend. The sweet and perfectly tender varieties grown on our island seem to dwarf those that are shipped in, still green and well packaged. Story »

A well-deserved surprise musical tribute luncheon for Harold Chang, 86, one of Hawaii's top drummers, was held Aug. 3 at the Musicians Association of Hawaii Local 677 facility. About 175 people packed the place to honor Harold, who hasn't lost a beat.  Story »

Actress Michelle Rodriguez, who had a bad-girl image off-screen while portraying Ana Lucia Cortez on ABC's filmed-in-Hawaii "Lost" series, is receiving beaucoup online and TV buzz because she's been dating actor Zac Efron. Story »

Korean cinema is getting a boost late in the summer with "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" hitting more than 10 million tickets sold in the shortest time among all Korean films and "Kundo: Age of the Rampant."  Story »

"Slow jams" was the term used in the 1990s to describe songs with slow rhythms, introspective lyrics and heavy, solid bass lines. Vocalist Maryanne Ito and her producers revive that genre with her debut album and toss in an up-tempo dance club cut as well.  Story »

A sincere desire to help the Hawaiian monk seal survive as a species is what motivates independent filmmakers Robin and Andrew Eitelberg of Monterey, Calif. Story »

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