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 The 52nd Merrie Monarch Festival: Position of honor
As kumu hula Kaleo Trinidad thumps his pahu drum, the men of Ka Leo o Laka i ka Hikina o ka La move with masculine grace to the beat. Their unified voices, powerful and strong, resonate through a school gym in Kaneohe, a look of fierceness and resolve on their faces as they rehearse for next month's 52nd MerrieMonarch Festival in Hilo. Story »
The heroine of Michael Schmicker's novel "The Witch of Napoli" may have been born in the mid-19th century, but she is a heroine for our time.  Story »

 Cabbies given voice in play
When theater artist Leilani Chan was touring with her play "Refugee Nation," about the Laotian-American community, she began collecting stories from taxi drivers.  Story »
How accurately would every single negative thing anyone has ever said about you reflect or approximate who you are? Would that accumulation be interesting enough to make your life a work of art? Story »

For Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Benefit dinner to feature chef of Pig and the Lady • Waikiki eateries support MDA soiree at the Royal • Kids are ready to peddle their unique lemon drinks • KCC wins silver in culinary contest
The Baha'i Community of the Hawaiian Islands this week commemorated the 100th anniversary of a historic meeting between Queen Liliuokalani and the U.S. delegation of Baha'is. Story »

The Honolulu Chamber Music Series will pre­sent New York Polyphony in concert at 7:30 p.m. March 28 at the Cathedral of St. Andrew.  Story »


 Diane Moses turns broken pots into artful planters
When life hands you shards, make a decorative multilevel planter. Diane Moses, community relations specialist at the Board of Water Supply, likes to save pieces from broken terracotta pots and ceramic plates as the materials for building eye-catching planters. Story »

The recent tropical cyclone devastation in Vanuatu demonstrated the vulnerability of living on islands. With Hawaii being the most geographically isolated islands in the world, clearly we are vulnerable to similar natural disasters. Story »

Selecting a wine can be an overwhelming process for many wine drinkers faced with the multitude of bottles and labels lined up on shelves. I've heard countless times that, in the face of confusion, people will select a wine based not just on sale prices, but even pretty packaging or an eye-catching label. Story »

 On the Scene

The menacing scowl that made Jason Momoa a star is on full display these days, and — furrowed brow notwithstanding — the Hawaii-born actor couldn't be happier. Looking mean never felt so good.  Story »

During the 1950s Arthur Godfrey was one of the most popular personalities on both radio and television.  Story »

Plants are amazing! They need no added nutrients to germinate. Once they sprout, they'll need fertilizer to grow but inside each little seed is the energy and food required to reproduce another plant. Each seed capsule also retains information of environmental pressures to where it was grown. Story »

Q: My parents' tangerine tree, which fruits faithfully every New Year, is looking very sick. What can we do? It seems to be dying and I can't tell why. Story »

Jennifer Metz Kane has been shopping without plastic bags for more than three years, and it's not because she's getting ready for the plastic bag ban that begins July 1. It's part of a journey she began in 2010. Story »

 Rhythm of a workout 
George Kam's forehead wrinkled slightly as he closed his eyes and reminisced about his first encounter with a speed bag, decades ago in the shade of a colossal mango tree. Story »

Over the past two years, we have seen beers from dozens of new and exciting breweries come to Hawaii, offering endless choices from practically every corner of the globe. But one U.S. state in particular has really increased its presence here. Story »

With its exceptional quality, presentation and service, Sushi Ginza Onodera has become a trusted destination for sushi aficionados in spite of its $160- to $250-per-person omakase dinners. Story »

If your mission is to save money and eat better by packing healthier home lunches, the Mason jar is ready to be your friend. The container that revolutionized home canning more than 150 years ago is undergoing a revival as a receptacle for grab-and-go meals.  Story »

Spring is here, and the crisp weather is perfect for enjoying hearty soups. Spring soups are full of flavor and color thanks to the wide array of vegetables and fruits in season.  Story »

My father is an adventurous foodie, but there are a few classic foods he can never pass up on. If you take him to an ice cream parlor, he will always order vanilla. If there is a pork chop that promises to be perfect, he will get it. If there is bread pudding on the dessert menu, he has eyes for nothing else.  Story »

Author Graham "Sandy" Salisbury, who has island roots, will be inducted as an honorary member into the 100th Battalion Veterans organization May 5 at the 100th clubhouse. Salisbury will be joining a list of only 25 other honorees. Story »

Hawaii actress Janel Parrish ("Pretty Little Liars," "Dancing With the Stars") happily has gone to the dogs — with her adorable pooch pup Kleo. Story »

Steak lovers are celebrating the opening of Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Seoul. The restaurant, which opened Monday, is located in the pricey neighborhood of Chungdam-dong. It has two floors and can hold up to 200 people. Story »

"On budget and on schedule." No, we're not talking about the Honolulu rail project but about Kuana Torres Kahele and his almost unprecedented commitment to record and release six full-length albums — each one a collection of new songs about a different Hawaiian island — over a three-year period starting in 2014.  Story »

Aggression isn't something familiar to a lot of folks, so when confronted with a violent situation, many people don't know how to respond. Krav Maga, a self-defense system developed by the Israeli military, can help. Story »


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