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 What's in store
Nordstrom welcomes Kate Moss collection • Hawaii Opera Theatre holding fundraiser • Kimo bear to help ease keiki cancer patients Story »
Whether he's working with artisans from Paris or jewelry designers closer to home, Sig Zane never forgets his roots. The local artist and cultural practitioner's expertise is in demand as more corporations embrace a sense of place as an expression of connection to the community. Story »

There's a 44-year age difference between the youngest (Lori Monden, 20) and oldest (Cynthia Verano, 64) of 15 designers to be featured during Honolulu Community College's annual senior fashion show, confirmation that a love of fashion transcends age and the ages. Story »

For Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Book Cave chef for private event • Feast on food of Myanmar • Event highlights role of bees • Center plans benefit dinner

Manoa Valley Church, a United Church of Christ congregation, is inviting the public to take part in a multisensory Experience Easter program. Story »

For years James Au refrained from taking part in a Chinese ancestor veneration ritual held in graveyards during annual Ching Ming festivals because he felt it conflicted with his Christian beliefs. Story »

It is popular to recommend avoiding foods that have ingredients that sound like strange chemicals. But read on for a story about a food additive that was falsely accused of causing cancer and is now praised for not only making food safer, but also for providing health benefits. Story »

Personal trainer Chris Ranes is no quitter and practices what he preaches. The owner of Fitness Ranes gym spends countless hours encouraging clients with gentle admonishments such as "Don't quit," "Push harder" and "You've got this." Story »

One of the most influential "wine minds" of our time is Kermit Lynch, a prominent importer based in Berkeley, Calif. Lynch began his career with a small specialty shop, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant. Story »

 On the Scene

Given America's insatiable appetite for everything related to food, from reality cooking shows to the social media obsession of making each meal a photo op, the idea of creating a new food program on TV is daunting, to say the least. Story »

This week KITV turns 60 years old. The station has had three call letter changes over the years, but always remained an ABC affiliate. This month, we look back at the history of the station. Story »

Studies have found that home gardeners are apt to apply more pesticides than farmers or landscapers and with the National Garden Association reporting that 85 million U.S. households engage in home gardening, the collective misuse of pesticides is an issue of growing concern.  Story »

Author Bill McKibben calls himself an unlikely activist. McKibben, 53, of Vermont, would rather stay home and watch bees make honey than burn up jet fuel traveling around the world to build a climate movement. Story »

Freshness matters for so many things we buy at the supermarket. We want fresh eggs, produce and baked bread. Fresh simply tastes better, and it is no different for beer. Story »

I'd been waiting for Grondin to open as soon as I heard about it in December, and it's been worth the wait for such tapas-style dishes as a ceviche ($13) of Kauai shrimp with the heat of serrano peppers, and pulpo ($15), marinated octopus tossed with onion, olives, roasted red pepper and chilies, or fried plantain chips.  Story »

Our hero of the day wishes to remain anonymous, which is too bad, because when you taste her dessert you will want to shake her hand. Story »

The Hawaiian Humane Society's Canine Game Day, 1 to 5 p.m. May 3 at Blaisdell Park, is a chance for our four-legged friends to enjoy a day of activities such as obstacle and agility courses, doggie massages and a doggie pool. Story »

These days, we rarely encounter our food outside of four walls. At the grocery store, fruits are always in season, and vegetables have barely a scratch on them. Story »

The Hawaii Youth Symphony, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has received a well-deserved Na Hoku Hanohano award nomination for its "He Makana O Na Mele" concert album.  Story »

Deedee Magno Hall, a Los Angeles-based singer-actress who is the wife of homegrown Broadway actor Cliffton Hall, will join the cast of Johnson Enos' "Honu by the Sea" when the show participates in a Capitol Hill Ocean Week celebration in Washington, D.C., this summer. Story »

Korean celebrity Ricky Kim ("Law of the Jungle," "Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2," "Jejungwon" and "On Air"), who spent time growing up in Hawaii, has started a new reality program on SBS titled "Oh My Baby." Story »

Lanai resident Larry Endrina shares his love of his family and home island with this collection of 14 Hawaiian and hapa-haole songs. Story »


The Hawaiian Humane Society welcomes questions by e-mail, hhs@hawaiianhumane.org. Indicate "Pet Ohana" in the subject line. Or, write "Pet Ohana," Hawaiian Humane Society, 2700 Waialae Ave., Honolulu 96826.

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Hawaii's Ohana: Readers share their pictures
Kainoah Rosendo Bailey Castro • Kaleo Kaimana Malino Ke Kai Suli • How to get listed Story »
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