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Sonoran-style seafood specialties

Da Seafood Cartel was busy building its following at farmers markets for two years before moving into the gas station venue of the former Wally Ho’s Garage & Grill Read more

Korean shop makes a comeback

In need of a lunch break during holiday shopping last fall, I suggested to my friend that we go for my favorite pork ribs that she’d never tried before. Read more

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A look at 2022

Spring 2022 saw pandemic restrictions lift and along with it, a return to restaurants en masse Read more

Dim sum delights

Not every restaurant is so fortunate as to hit its stride from day one, and when Kapiolani Seafood Restaurant opened in late September, I did not enjoy the experience. Read more

Spicing things up

Sometimes when I go in search of a restaurant, I don’t know what I’ll find. In the case of Midnight Dining Hall, the address put it in the vicinity of 808 Center Read more

A taste of caribbean cuisine

I’ve been a big fan of jerk-marinated chicken since 1992, when I discovered a recipe from New York’s “King of Jerk,” Allan Vernon Read more

The best of both worlds

Call it what you will, but the prix fixe/ omakase/tasting menu restaurant format that took hold during the middle of the pandemic continues. Read more

Plant-based pizza options

Vegan restaurants signal assurance that none of their ingredients can be called into question, so each new entry to the scene gives reason to cheer. Among them is Floralia, a pizza spot that has set down roots in a parking lot in the industrial area behind Kapiolani Drive-Thru Car Wash after years of being known as the mobile operation What it Dough. Read more

Turning culinary dreams into reality

Once you start sprinting on the treadmill called making a living, it’s easy to get so caught up in daily survival that there’s no time to reflect on past dreams and set future goals. Read more

A new hot pot hale

With one successful restaurant concept to his credit, I was surprised to learn that instead of sticking with the tried-and-true, Jialiang Wei, owner of Honolulu Skewer House, was entering hot pot territory. Read more

A legacy lives on

I feel old. It’s starting to hit home as I watch my contemporaries — chefs who were present at the dawn of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement and subsequent explosion of restaurant growth that put Hawaii on the culinary map — hang up their toques to explore other paths. Read more

A hidden izakaya

Hideyoshi Takasawa thought he’d left the restaurant industry for good decades ago when, after opening nine restaurants in Japan over seven years Read more

A new option for hot pot

"Aunty" Susend Tran brings back the refrigerator cases full of ingredients to add to individual hot pots, and what’s new are a number of Taiwanese street-style dishes. Read more

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