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This bar’s a hidden gem

Early during the pandemic, bars were toast, unable to open unless they could prove restaurant cred by offering both food and drink. Read more

Plant-based perfection

If you’re hoping to balance out your holiday snacking and perhaps get a jump on your new year diet, here are a couple of options on opposite ends of the vegan spectrum. Read more

Comforting beef bowls for cool

Ever since ramen started becoming a fixture on the local dining scene with the first wave of Japanese restaurateurs arriving on our shores in the 1980s, the presence of pork chashu on the menu has been a given. Read more

Putting ‘da best’ to the test

What’s the first thing you do when a restaurant calls itself Da Best Pho Vietnamese Noodle House & BBQ? You gonna put the pho to the taste test, right? Read more

Go-tos for quick comforts

The days following Thanksgiving are not usually ones to splurge on food but for readjusting one’s budget and eating on the fly as the rush of the holidays becomes reality. Read more

Mahina & Sun’s makes a comeback

Among all the new restaurants that have opened, it’s good to see familiar names returning to the dining scene as well, each adding to a sense that we are moving one step closer to normalcy. Read more

Alaia gets a french facelift

With chef Gilles Epié’s arrival at the Turtle Bay Resort as its new executive chef, Oahu now has three Michelin-star chefs in its midst. Read more

Meet me upstairs

Collaboration has helped budding restaurateurs stay afloat during the pandemic, mostly through the sharing of underutilized kitchen spaces. Read more

Eatery pays homage to Waikiki’s Heyday

The passage of time is often accompanied by a sense of loss, whether a farewell to innocence, a separation from nature, or a simple yearning to turn back the clock to a cherished moment. Read more

An a-‘maze’-ing experience

A year ago, no one could predict the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. Few of us have ever lived through such an event or experienced the order of business shutdowns on such a massive scale. Read more

Breaking all the boundaries

There's no logic to obsession. For every person with a passion for sports card collecting, Pokémon or K-dramas, there's another who could not care less about the object of their fascination. Read more

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