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A hot soup for cold weather

A much-loved offering at many Cantonese restaurants is duck noodle. It’s easy to make at home once you buy the rich-flavored poultry at your favorite Chinese takeout place. Read more

A beefy, comforting meal

There are many more complicated versions of this beef roast, believed to be invented by a home cook in M-i-s-s-i-s-si-p-p-i. Read more

A classic chicken dinner

Alice Tucker of East Honolulu shares her easy chicken recipe that she has made thousands of times. Her children, Randy, Gary and Jill, and now her grandchildren, enjoy the gravy from the sweet-and-sour chicken over rice. Read more

Just roll with it

Inari sushi (or cone sushi) is seasoned cooked rice stuffed into a small pouch of flavorful fried tofu. Read more

A so-fish-ticated meal

This month celebrates Hawaii Seafood Month. So, why not enjoy eating an invasive species that will make our ocean healthier? Read more

One in a ‘melon’

When melons and stone fruit, such as peaches, plums and nectarines, are in season, it's tough not to eat them everyday. Here is an idea for a nearly no-cook lunch. Read more

‘Shrimply’ awesome

When you have an abundance of cucumbers, don't forget that they are also delicious when cooked. Read more

A cheesy concoction

Easy can still be very delicious. This cheese and tortilla wrap sandwich is called a quesadilla. Read more

… And that’s a wrap!

Many want to celebrate the warmth of summer with simple foods. Here is a delicious recipe that you can make in 15-30 minutes. Read more

Simply crab-tivating

Although Rina Leong died in 2005, her children Carrie, Erin, Ryan and Erik still remember her delicious meals. Read more

Spoonfuls of sugar

Custard is one of the most popular desserts served in restaurants. A memorable offering was called burnt crème from the now-shuttered Horatio’s (which then became Kincaid’s) in Ward Warehouse. Read more

Oodles of cold noodles

This delicious dish is served at almost every Korean restaurant in Hawaii and is perfect to eat on a hot summer day. Mul naengmyeon is served with its clear beef broth frozen, like slush. Read more

                                Thai-style chicken thighs.
Easy-Kine Cooking: Unlikely chicken recipe works

Realtor Laura Baker found an internet recipe for Thai-style chicken thighs that she likes. With a few tweaks, it is now in her rotation of go-to dishes, a weekday dinner that comes together in under 1 hour. Read more

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