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Easy-Kine Cooking


Easy-Kine Cooking: Simple recipe for corned beef hash and feta cheese melt

Pay tribute to St. Patrick’s Day with corned beef, but instead of investing hours in the usual braised dinner, try this super-easy snack using canned corned beef hash. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Tuck-Away Meatloaf

Sometimes it just takes one variation to make a dish seem fancy. This old-fashioned meatloaf recipe, with hard-boiled eggs stuffed in the center of the meat mixture, is an example. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Put a spin on your Spam musubi

Spam musubi is a favorite snack, but once in a while, you may want to try a different filling. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Old-timey ice cream pie refreshes

One of the prettiest desserts is a simple pie using store-bought ingredients. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Grape jelly the secret to sauce

These meatballs, with an addictive tangy barbecue sauce, are among the very best hors d’oeuvres. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Dip into traditional luau flavors

Want to score a touchdown in this season of football parties? Serve crunchy chips with a tasty dip that is super, super easy to make. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Collards create hearty side dish

Collards are a beautiful, dark green veggie. They are full of vitamin A, K and many other key vitamins. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: 2-ingredient roast chicken defines simplicity

When Mike Chung worked at the Manoa Fire Station, one of his favorite easy, easy dinners to make for the crew was a whole roast chicken. Now retired, the former fire captain still makes his recipe. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Fuke Zuke Kabocha

One of the most attractive ways to present a dish is in a whole dark-green kabocha pumpkin, with its surprise of bright orange flesh inside. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Oreos simplify festive desserts

Two of the most popular desserts for children (and adults) are Oreo cookies and creamy puddings. Why not combine them for the easiest individual sweets? Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Make magic with simple chicken dish

Magic Chicken is so named because its easy marinade creates such a wonderful dish, it’s like magic. The simple preparation can be baked or barbecued for a crowd. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Leftover chicken reborn in salad

Feeding a family is easy when you have ready-to-eat chicken — whether leftovers from a whole roasted bird or cooked and cubed chicken from the grocery store. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Frozen seafood dresses up pasta

Making a seafood pasta is even easier now that almost every store sells bags of assorted frozen seafood, which includes mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp and sometimes even scallops. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Microwave trick helps keep turkey burger moist

Over the years, I’ve tried to like turkey burgers, as they are healthier than those made with beef. But time and time again, I’ve found them to be dry and bland. That is, until I tried Joey Tanaka’s recipe. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Goteborg UFOs a longtime favorite on Kauai

Goteborg is the second largest city in Sweden, and their sausage is of the style of a Swedish summer sausage. In Hawaii, Goteborg is a standard pupu at Garden Island parties and there are many variations. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Recycle chili in a vibrant dip for chips

This chili and cream cheese dip is a three-ingredient snack or meal, made in the microwave. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Baked potatoes make versatile meal

One way to keep family dining stress-free is to let everyone choose the ingredients they like. Here’s an idea: set up a baked potato bar. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Ocean Salad With Somen Noodles

In the heat of these last days of summer, it seems smart to have a cool meal. Why not use ocean salad to make more of a meal? Read More

Mix pesto with pasta and presto — you’ve got dinner

This Italian-style recipe is easily thrown together, requiring only dry pasta, shrimp and store-bought pesto. Read More

Top shell stands in for abalone

Abalone is delicious, but when you don’t have the budget for it, substitute less expensive canned top shell, a large abalone-like mollusk. Top shell’s chewy texture and salty flavor mimic the appeal of abalone. Read More

Preparing fish gets easier with ready-made sauce

Preparing dinner is getting quicker and easier with all the ready-made sauces and packaged products sold at the grocery store. Read More

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