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A ‘fun’ side

King oyster mushrooms are the muscular members of the fungi family, with thick stalks and compact caps. Locally grown versions are available in many supermarkets. Read more


Here’s a refreshing Hong Kong-style dessert that’s served like a soup, made with chewy tapioca pearls and loaded with fresh fruit. Read more

Festive finger food

A great finger-food option for a New Year’s party would be these cute “pearls” covered in sticky rice. Read more

Taste the rainbow

This basic vegetarian stir-fry can be made with any combination of vegetables; this mix is especially festive with its mix of colors. Read more

A colorful cabbage salad

This bright and refreshing salad is a good alternative to the indulgent, calorie-rich foods of the season. Read more

The inside counts

Think of these as a Chinese version of a burrito. The recipe makes use of bean curd skins as a wrapper around an intriguing filling of vegetables, including baby corn and chayote squash. Read more

Wrapping things up

If you order this dish in a traditional Chinese restaurant, it’s likely to come with dried shrimp and possibly ground pork. Read more

Giddy for gelatin

Here’s a cute way to serve up dessert in individual portions. Each cup holds a single lychee suspended in gelatin. Read more


Traditional pesto is made with lots of oil (fattening), pine nuts and Parmesan cheese (fattening and expensive). No wonder it tastes so good. Read more

Cool beans

A mix of black beans, veggies and mango is scooped into tortilla chip cups for a tasty dish easily served and eaten. Read more

Apple of our eye

Applesauce and flax seed make a little magic in this apple cake, used to replace eggs and oil. The result is a vegan dessert that's moist and flavorful. Applesauce is a classic replacement for fat in baked goods. Read more

Root for this chewy dish

These little nuggets could pass for dim sum, but they're actually little veggie balls held together with potato starch. Read more


Eggplant can have many personalities, taking on hot and spicy or mild and cheesy flavors — or anything in between. Read more

Have a rice day

A rice salad makes a refreshing main dish with enough oomph to satisfy even big eaters. Read more

Getting to the root of it

Lotus roots are among those naturally photogenic ingredients — snow white and lacy when cut crosswise into slices. Find them in most Asian grocery stores. Read more

You’re ‘natto’-lone

Natto isn't for everyone — the fermented soy beans are a bit on the slimy side. But for those who appreciate the distinctive flavor, natto is a good source of protein and probiotics. Read more

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