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Let’s spice things up

A complex combination of fennel seeds, anise, clove, cinnamon and Sichuan peppercorns, five-spice powder is a crucial ingredient in the Chinese pantry that also happens to be deeply versatile. Read more

Eat your greens with this veggie potpie

This one-skillet, vegetarian potpie trades the traditional chicken filling for creamy, garlicky greens. Hearty greens turn silky in a mixture of heavy cream, garlic, shallot, thyme and Parmesan under a lid of flaky puff pastry. Read more

More instant pot wisdom and helpful tips

When I first wrote about Instant Pots back in 2017, it was with the ardor of new love. I had fallen hard for my first electric pressure cooker, delighting in the myriad ways it could improve my kitchen life. Read more

A hot soup for cold weather

A much-loved offering at many Cantonese restaurants is duck noodle. It’s easy to make at home once you buy the rich-flavored poultry at your favorite Chinese takeout place. Read more

A colorful cabbage salad

This bright and refreshing salad is a good alternative to the indulgent, calorie-rich foods of the season. Read more

The inside counts

Think of these as a Chinese version of a burrito. The recipe makes use of bean curd skins as a wrapper around an intriguing filling of vegetables, including baby corn and chayote squash. Read more

A beefy, comforting meal

There are many more complicated versions of this beef roast, believed to be invented by a home cook in M-i-s-s-i-s-si-p-p-i. Read more

This classic french dish gets a fun twist

The classic French dish of green beans and almonds gets a fun update with the addition of corn, which lends extra sweetness, chewy texture and pops of golden color. Read more

A candied side dish for incredible leftovers

These candied sweet potatoes work as a side dish for any dinner or holiday celebration by balancing citrusy sweet and savory flavors — and they also produce top-notch leftovers. Read more

Wrapping things up

If you order this dish in a traditional Chinese restaurant, it’s likely to come with dried shrimp and possibly ground pork. Read more

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