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A simple side dish

In the hectic time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s nice to dial back on the cooking chores with a meal that’s simple to prepare. Read more

Potluck pick

Cone sushi becomes a complete hand-held meal with this makeover that adds protein and veggies to the usual starch. Read more

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The bar is open!

I teach my bartenders that, if you truly want to control the crowd, use your eyes. Once your guest feels acknowledged, a simple, “I’ll be right with you,” will go a long way. Read more

A hearty salad

Ulu — or breadfruit — is a grown-in-Hawaii ingredient that is ready for prime time. Read more

Winner, winner chicken dinner

Like french fries, Swiss steak and Mongolian barbecue, this dish most likely honors the city, but is not an authentic Ukrainian dish. Read more

A light curry

This light curry dish probably doesn’t look much like a curry you’re used to. Read more

Cozy comfort food

I’m always surprised when people who are unaccustomed to life in Hawaii make comments on the seasons, especially the islands’ “lack” of them. Read more

All about okra

If you find slime sublime, you may well be a fan of okra, famous for its mucilage — in simple terms, slime. Read more

Tricks and treats of the trade

Recently, I had the honor and the pleasure of coaching two young women bartenders — both in their early 20s — for their first-ever competition. Read more

A simple salad

Watermelon radishes are the beauty queens of the radish world. Read more

Pickled picks

A lot of people find the pickled vegetables in bahn mi — Vietnamese sub sandwiches — to be the best part of that taste experience. Called do chua, this mix of shredded carrots and daikon is a refreshing sweet-sour mix of flavors. Read more

A cool salad to beat the heat

To beat the heat, make a cool salad that requires almost no cooking. It uses two forms of the healthy soy bean — simply cooked and made into tofu. Read more

Tantalizing tapioca

The fun in this recipe is in the presentation — it’s best served in individual dishes Read more

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