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Tourism hurts communities, too

In a commentary, Erik Kloninger and Matthew Kiessling, executives at firms connected with the tourism and real estate industries, appeal to city officials to allow “alternative accommodation homeowners and operators … to continue reaping the benefits of these options” (“Isles’ economy, jobs at risk if lodging restricted,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, Aug. 12). Read More

Mail-in voting cheapens process

On Saturday, I cast my 63rd consecutive vote in a governmental election. My first was just after I turned 21 during the first term of President Dwight Eisenhower. Read More

TNR won’t stop feral cat threats

The claim that trap-neuter-return (TNR) is the most effective way to control feral cats glosses over inconvenient facts. Read More

Keep riders out of pickup truck beds

Why is that if a person is seen driving they must “click-it, or ticket,” while others continue to ride in the back of pickup trucks without any protection at all? Read More

3-D gun-plans suit a waste of time

Here we go again. Kilauea continues to erupt, but politicians in Hawaii have decided that a 3-D printed firearm is an “explosive” enough issue to justify our joining other states in their lawsuit to ban the online distribution of instructions for printing the guns (“Hawaii among 19 states opposing online plans for 3D-printed guns,” Star-Advertiser, Aug. 4). Read More

Aloha Poke Co. just conducting business

I do not like that a Chicago restaurant chain trademarked the name “Aloha Poke” (“Chicago poke shop pushes to kapu ‘aloha’,” Star-Advertiser, July 31). Read More

Stick to paper ballots to prevent hacking

Computerized voting doesn’t work (“Election security,” Star-Advertiser, Insight, July 27. It is super complex and costly, with still no guarantee. Voting systems can still be hacked via Wi-Fi. Read More

City doing more to help ease backlog

The city’s Department of Customer Services has introduced new systems to ease the process for those seeking a driver’s license or ID. Read More

Whale shark rescue rare bit of good news

Mahalo to them for their actions and also for providing enlightening good news. Read More

Stirring ceremony brings men home

On Wednesday I saw the return of the remains of 55 service members at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Read More

Hawaiian culture appropriated again

A Chicago-based corporation sent a letter to Hawaii businesses demanding that they stop using the words “aloha” and “poke” together, claiming it infringes on their business name, “Aloha Poke.” Read More

Don’t let guns, fear rule Hawaii

As a concerned citizen, I want to thank the Star-Advertiser for “Challenge ruling on ‘open carry’” (Our View, July 30). Read More

Homeless left out of ‘life of the land’

The recent Thomas Square upgrade visually ties the park to the adjacent Blaisdell Concert Hall and Honolulu Museum of Art, highlighting it as a hub of cultural and historical importance. Read More

Hawaii will still have strict gun laws

Before we start jumping up in arms about the recent federal appeals court ruling regarding open carry, we need to understand why it was ruled unconstitutional (“Open carry,” Star-Advertiser, July 25). Read More

Keep firearms off Hawaii’s streets

I urge the Legislature to come up with a way for us to identify people carrying guns. Or better yet, a way to keep these numbers very small. Read More

Rename court for Dave Shoji

Our UH volleyball court should be named “Dave Shoji Court.” Read More

Don’t make me choose a party

Every election year, as I receive my ballot in the mail, the first thing I am required to do is choose a political party. This frustrates me to no end. Read More

Carrying guns won’t make Hawaii better

So far, Hawaii has seemed somehow safe from the horrors of the Trump administration. Read More

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