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Letters to the Editor

For Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Vote for Johnson and Cayetano

Our Libertarian Party was ignored by the so-called "bipartisan" Committee on Presidential Debates, as well as most media outlets. Gary Johnson is our Libertarian presidential nominee. He proposes to balance the federal budget in 2013, whereas neither Mitt Romney nor President Barack Obama will do so. Johnson proposes to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and its loopholes, whereas Romney and Obama refuse to identify their loophole modifications.

Johnson balanced New Mexico's budget and created a surplus, as well as shrinking New Mexico's bureaucracy by more than 10 percent. If you are disgusted by the fiscal incompetence of Obama and apprehensive of the fiscal policies of Romney, express your objections by voting for Gary Johnson on your ballot.

If you are also concerned about the fiscal well being of Honolulu, vote for Ben Cayetano and his intent to stop the $5.27 billion elevated train system that links the Kapolei "Second City" with the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Jo Paul Rognstad
Ala Moana

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PRP undermines democratic process

I have become increasingly disturbed over the role of Pacific Resources Partnership in shaping the current mayoral contest. PRP, organized and funded by corporate and union interests supportive of rail, has spent more than $1 million in negative advertising against mayoral candidate and former Gov. Ben Cayetano.

PRP is undermining the democratic process we need to preserve in electing public officials. Our democracy depends on the need for citizens to make choices not out of self-interest, but in the interest of the entire community, and also in the interest of the environment. This means that citizens need to hear the merits and demerits of rail clearly debated before informed choices can be made.

PRP, acting only out of self-interest in such a negative and destructive fashion against one particular candidate, can only undermine the democratic process and the moral fiber of our community, both of which we need to safeguard.

Rev. Neal MacPherson

Poll shows money can buy election

As seen on the Star-Advertiser's front page, the Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now-sponsored Hawaii Poll is a grisly reminder that money buys votes in Our Honolulu ("Support is growing for rail and Caldwell, who favors the project, while Cayetano sees a dip in favorability," Star-Advertiser, Oct. 28).

If the voting public cannot see through the shame or the stench, and this expensive mudslinging dictates who will be our next mayor, then those who believe it deserve who and what they get.

The rest of us do not.

If running a clean campaign means losing a race, then Hawaii is the biggest loser.

Mary Jo Culvyhouse

Enforce rules for using crosswalks

Regarding the terrible traffic situation and pedestrian fatalities in Honolulu, it seems like a specific law has been neglected by both pedestrians and the police. Is anyone aware that it's unlawful to enter a crosswalk once the red hand light appears, and, is punishable by a $130 fine? Yet I see this law ignored daily by both pedestrians and police. It results in putting such individuals at risk for injury, aggravates drivers who must put up with the violators, and backs up traffic.

I have yet to see this common violation enforced by the police. Why pass laws if they aren't meant to be followed or enforced? It's a waste of time and money to draft laws and to purchase and install pedestrian light systems it they really don't mean anything. Another form of government waste.

Scott K. Sato

Give local bakeries some support, too

I was encouraged by the article detailing the state's plan to spend $13 million to "improve food security and self-sufficiency in Hawaii" ("State pursues investments in food production," Star-Advertiser, Oct. 25). I was especially pleased to hear that creating local jobs was part of the plan.

The state could start promoting food security and local jobs for free right now, though, if we gave modest protection to our struggling local baking industry, whose freshly baked products must now compete against cheaply produced frozen mainland bread. By simply requiring "previously frozen" mainland bread to be labelled for what it is — frozen bread — consumers would be better able to determine which products are fresher and also promote the local economy, thereby preserving hundreds of existing baking and related production jobs at companies like Love's, Star and Fresh Start.

Patrick De Costa

Tsunami evacuation stressful for elderly

The warning came, and Mom and I got ready. We hoped to go to Dole Plantation near Poamoho — lights, bathrooms, etc. — but that was closed. Only three SUVs got in after talking to the security guard. At least three tour buses expected to find Dole open, but had to go elsewhere. Dole couldn't have planned a worse PR campaign.

So we returned to Haleiwa where the police blocked the road at Weed Junction, and no one knew when we could return home.

Predicting tsunamis is a science in its infancy, so the scientists are making educated guesses at best. Politicians don't like guessing, so it didn't look good. Before 1 a.m., a voice of reason finally came over the radio. Gov. Neil Abercrombie said the warning would be reduced to a watch, people could go home, just stay away from the beaches and harbors.

I don't think I'll subject my 87-year old mother to this again.

Eric Terashima

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