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A ‘pizza’ my heart

National Pizza Month may have officially been in October, but let’s be real — this type of pie is a true comfort food, no matter the time of the year. The next time you’re craving ‘za, check out the following spots. Read more


The hot chocolate bomb trend, sparked last holiday season via social media platform TikTok (read the descriptions here to learn more), is still going strong this year. Read more

Currently occu-pied

Keep your eyes on the pie — if our cover story has you craving pie, get your sweet (and savory) fix with these options. Read more

Ghoulish goodies, PT. 1

Halloween is right around the corner, and lots of themed treats are in sight. If you want to eat, drink and be scary, take advantage of these limited-time items found at the restaurants listed here. Read more

Edible art

Talk about almost too pretty to eat. These custom treats, crafted with utmost skill and care, could pass for edible pieces of art. Read more

Healthy snacks

These treats are healthy, but they don't skimp on flavor. Whether you have dietary restrictions or prefer plant-based alternatives, check out the following options. Read more

For the ‘gram’

Dishes that are aesthetically pleasing — and taste as good as they look — are all the rage right now. Read more

‘Nacho’ average pupu

Nachos are delicious, but poke nachos are next level. The appetizer-style dishes at the spots listed below are so addictive that you won't feel like sharing — even if the portion sizes are huge. Read more

Dipped delights

Whether it's cookies, pretzels or strawberries, dipped delicacies are all the rage. These treats are no longer reserved for special occasions; they have turned into everyday indulgences. Read more

Worth melting for

July might have been National Ice Cream Month, but National Soft Serve (soft ice cream) Day is tomorrow, Aug. 19. Read more

For the ‘gram

Dishes that are aesthetically pleasing — and taste as good as they look — are all the rage right now. Read more

A fried feast

We featured a fried chicken roundup in a previous issue of Crave, but fried chicken sandwiches are in a league of their own. Read more

For the ‘gram

Dishes that are aesthetically pleasing — and taste as good as they look — are all the rage right now. Read more

Smokin’ hot

Summer is synonymous with grilling season, whether you're prepping for that backyard potluck or have a serious meat craving. Read more

Winner, winner

National Fried Chicken Day is coming July 6, and when it comes to planning for that ultra-fried feast, you won't want to wing it. Read on for some cluckin' good options. Read more

Because we’re happy

I'm not a huge beer drinker, but when it comes to deals and specials on food, I'm there. Which brings me to the point of this roundup — sometimes, happy hour is the best time to visit a restaurant because of the discounts you'll find. Read more

Now we’re on a roll

National Lobster Day was June 15, but these seafood indulgences are worth shell-ebrating for weeks and months to come. Read more

This takes the cake

These colorful, layers of rice, spicy ahi poke, avocado, ikura and more will make you think twice the next time you need something to commemorate a special occasion. Read more

The sweet spot

Designed to satisfy even the most die-hard dessert fiends, these cookies can be found at a variety of spots on Oahu — and online. Read more

Burger fest

Even though May is wrapping up, it's still officially National Burger Month. Whether you're in the mood for a traditional no-fuss, no-frills single burger or want something more extravagant and loaded with toppings, check out the meaty selections below. Read more

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