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Letter: Robbing the poor isn’t virtuous

I was rather put off by Cal Thomas’ column, “Democrats use bipartisanship as a tool to pick GOP’s pockets” (Star-Advertiser, Sept. 4). Read More

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Letter: Adult smokers need e-cig devices

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is doing a lousy job of keeping nicotine out of the hands of kids. Read More

Letter: Marriage won’t stop molestation

Several recent letters to the editor suggest that allowing priests to marry will solve the problem of sexual abuse of children within the Catholic Church. Read More

Letter: Our luck will run out with future storms

We were very lucky. Hurricane Olivia struck the state as a tropical storm (winds under 39 mph). Even so, there was quite a bit of damage on Maui. Read More

Letter: HART’S P3 proposal is just pie in the sky

The latest proposal by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation to fund the remaining rail construction and management with a public/private partnership appears to be a desperate attempt to shift the out-of-control costs, liability and other headaches to someone else (“Public-private partnership under consideration,” Star-Advertiser, Sept. 16). Read More

Letter: Decentralize DOE for better accountability

Rather than creating a specific tax for additional education funding, Department of Education administrative costs could be reduced while improving student achievement as well as accommodating class and individual progress. Read More

Letter: Immigrants provide vital low-cost labor

I don’t understand the importance of keeping immigrants out of the United States. Aren’t they the ones who take the jobs that U.S. citizens prefer not to do? Who will work on the farms and do other work that requires low-paid physical labor? Read More

Letter: Aides should not circumvent Trump

What questions should we be asking when we read about the feelings and actions of people around the president who are preventing him from making serious, horrible and momentous mistakes? Read More

Letter: Law protects billfish, respects traditions

Mike Markrich’s commentary on the Billfish Conservation Act of 2012 and the amendment (H.R. 4528) recently signed into law by President Donald Trump is misleading and inaccurate (“Hawaii’s commercial billfish industry loses vital protection,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, Sept. 13). Read More

Letter: Vote no on proposed tax for education

Hawaii is among eight states with the highest income taxes, obviously contributing to Hawaii being the most expensive state in which to live in America, according to a CNBC analysis. Read More

Letter: Education tax wrong way to get money

If the latest Big Q voting results are any indication, by almost 3 to 1, Hawaii residents do not want the “school tax” constitutional amendment question on the November ballot. Read More

Letter: Demand action on renewable energy

Sept. 8 was a big day worldwide for recognition of climate change and the demand for swift action and reaction from our legislators. All everywhere were asked to rise up, rise up — Rise For Climate, Jobs & Justice. Read More

Letter: Wrong to subvert elected officials

I am shocked by the hubris of those who claim that the anonymous author of a New York Times commentary critical of President Donald Trump is serving and benefiting the American people. Read More

Letter: Vacation rentals make sense for isles

The purpose of renting a home for vacation is to do things on your own schedule, enjoy privacy, relax without others, allow kids to be kids and stay in a convenient location. And there are many other reasons for not staying in a hotel. Read More

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