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Our oceans are turning into dumps

National Geographic claims that 91 percent of plastics are not recycled and wind up in landfills, dumps and the sea. Without recycling, the plastic contributes to ocean pollution, and ends up in beach areas, harming animals. Read More

Dems humiliated by court ruling

The Democratic Party establishment in Hawaii and its politically ambitious former state Attorney General Doug Chin were hoping that Hawaii could be pivotal in bringing down one of President Donald Trump’s key policies. Read More

Surge pricing? Mayor needs a hearing aid

Someone get Mayor Kirk Caldwell a hearing aid. He somehow doesn’t hear what the public wants or he just isn’t listening to what the people are saying. Read More

Every school needs teacher mentors

Both the state Department of Education (DOE) and the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) are neglecting an obvious solution to our chronic teacher shortage — mentors for new teachers (“More teachers quitting to move out of state,” Star-Advertiser, June 22). Read More

Sharing economy can boost TAT take

Let’s apply the TAT, collect the revenue from the online platforms, and get serious about homelessness before it further undermines Hawaii tourism (where TAT revenue comes from in the first place). Read More

Propaganda can affect thinking

Do yourself a favor and learn how to be able to recognize the truth, using logical thinking to learn. Read More

Community helped Maunalua Bay

I would like to echo the sentiment expressed in Kim Hum’s commentary earlier this month (“Local communities lead revival of nearshore marine life,” Star-Advertiser, Island Voices, June 11). Read More

Open Hawaii island to lava viewing

Kilauea is entering its largest eruptive phase since 1924, and I would drop everything to see it — if I could. But with Federal Aviation Administration restrictions keeping helicopters above 3,000 feet and no way to view flows from the ground, now might be the worst time to visit. Read More

Chinatown police hit jaywalkers first

There is a police substation right in Chinatown but you never see any police officers walking a beat enforcing laws, unlike in our precious Waikiki. Read More

NFL players should respect anthem, flag

Besides the fine, the NFL also should disqualify all players from participating in games they protest. Read More

AMI not best way to set affordability

If Kim Jong Un were to stop in Honolulu en route to the White House, one look at our homeless would convince him that democracy is not a superior form of government. Read More

Exchange swords for plowshares

Noel Kent was right on when he pointed out that North Korea is less dangerous to the security of Hawaii than the aggressive military posturing and provocative bombast emanating from the war hawks in Washington (“We don’t need new Kaena Point radar,” Star-Advertiser, June 7). Read More

Hopes high for Korean peace talks

As a part of Women Cross DMZ, we just returned from a week in South Korea with 30 international women seeking peace in Korea. Read More

Visitor may bring own shopping bags

So, let’s see. As a visitor to Hawaii, I either have to pack shopping bags from the mainland, or pay 15 cents a bag in Hawaii? Read More

Be careful driving on Oahu’s roads

For residents and visitors alike, all of us must be more vigilant when using a motor vehicle on Oahu’s streets. Let’s make this a safer gathering place. Read More

Hawaii needs Trump’s support

It’s at times like this when having a congressional delegation and governor with a good working relationship with the Trump administration would really be helpful to the people of Hawaii. Read More

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