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TNR won’t stop feral cat threats

The claim that trap-neuter-return (TNR) is the most effective way to control feral cats glosses over inconvenient facts. Read More

Give input on Ala Moana park plans

Plans for improvement should keep the park usable and convenient for local families, not diminish their ability to enjoy the park. Read More

Isles’ economy, jobs at risk if lodging restricted

As city officials look to update the nearly 30-year-old laws governing alternative accommodations, it is crucial to understand that if severe restrictions are enacted, they could have a negative impact on Oahu’s economy. Read More

The election’s clear winner — voting by mail — should be implemented statewide

The primary election is complete and one question has been answered. I can’t talk about who won or lost because this column had to be written before the Saturday election, but I already know one thing. Read More

Your vote counts in today’s primary election

After months of political sound and fury, it all comes down to something significant today: primary election 2018. Read More

Keep riders out of pickup truck beds

Why is that if a person is seen driving they must “click-it, or ticket,” while others continue to ride in the back of pickup trucks without any protection at all? Read More

He aloha ē ka iʻa i ka poke ʻia

The appropriation of language is certainly of importance, but we must not forget some of the more egregious inequities inherent to existence under colonial rule. Read More

Give homeless bills a hearing

Homeless people need housing, not harassment — or so say some advocates opposed to the “sweeps” aimed at moving encampments from the streets. Read More

Name in the News: Lee Putnam

Over a span of three decades of University of Hawaii employment, Lee Putnam’s career path took some unexpected turns. Read More

Court catches up with Hawaii’s chlorpyrifos ban

It’s good to be ahead of the curve. A federal appeals court on Thursday ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to ban chlorpyrifos, a farm pesticide shown to hinder development in children, within 60 days. Read More

Fight distribution of 3-D gun plans

Hawaii has long had one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the country, thanks in part to our famously tolerant culture and strict gun laws. It’s a status worth protecting. Read More

TMT wins a needed victory in court

Those who support building the Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea have got to be elated: The Hawaii Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a demand for a separate contested case hearing over the project’s sublease. Read More

Vote for change in OHA election

It’s been nearly two decades since the nation’s high court handed down the Rice v. Cayetano decision. Read More

3-D gun-plans suit a waste of time

Here we go again. Kilauea continues to erupt, but politicians in Hawaii have decided that a 3-D printed firearm is an “explosive” enough issue to justify our joining other states in their lawsuit to ban the online distribution of instructions for printing the guns (“Hawaii among 19 states opposing online plans for 3D-printed guns,” Star-Advertiser, Aug. 4). Read More

Be safe and aware on the job

It is dismaying to hear of yet another serious injury on the job: that of a 70-year-old Kapolei warehouse worker who suffered electrical shock on Saturday morning. Read More

Aggressive recruitment, initiatives help bring in teachers

At the core of our promise of equity and excellence in public education is ensuring every student has a highly qualified and effective teacher throughout their educational career. Read More

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