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Letter: Noisy hotel strikers disrupt businesses

As an employee and manager of a Waikiki business, I want to let the picketing hotel workers know that their strike has adversely affected our business. Read More

Nine resolutions instead of one

Nine pieces of legislation, more efficient than one? Sometimes, yes. Read More

Letter: ‘Hawaii way’ could steady home prices

Median home prices on Oahu hit $810,000 in September. That’s up nearly 7 percent from $760,000 a year ago. That scares and angers most of us. How can our kids afford to live here? Is there a way to end this spiral? Read More

Letter: Support school property tax

I’m voting yes to the education property tax proposal. People complain about paying another tax. They say the state should fund schools and teachers’ pay with other state funds. Read More

Letter: Business interests challenge funding

Self-serving business interests are spending millions trying to block desperately needed funding for our public schools by airing TV ads promoting falsehoods that are easily debunked with basic economic facts. Read More

Letter: Perilous times ahead for our democracy

There may be a rocky road ahead for our nation’s system of democracy. Read More

Editorial: Ige, Green best choice for isles

For the next four years, Hawaii faces consequential challenges that will require wise, farsighted decisions by the state’s top leadership. Read More

Column: Plan for disrupting high-tide flooding by mid-century

We need to eliminate dangerous fossil fuels, plan for more frequent and intense weather hazards, and adapt to sea level rise. Now is the time for new policies and behaviors to protect our most treasured places. Read More

Column: Adapting to climate change requires a mix of responses

We are beginning to learn a great deal about the current risks associated with climate change. We should not let what we don’t yet know keep us from doing the things we ought to be doing now. Read More

Column: Access to dental care crucial to health

In Hawaii, approximately 50 percent of our 365,000 Medicaid beneficiaries essentially have only one option for insured dental services — the emergency room. Read More

Column: Homeless have same rights as rest of us

People are people, period. Dehumanizing people does not help. And those people have civil rights the same as everyone else who calls Hawaii home. Not more rights — the same rights. Read More

Column: Say no to constitutional convention

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Vote no on ConCon. Read More

Letter: Vote yes on ConCon to break status quo

I hope the voters see through this attempt at maintaining the status quo and vote yes for a constitutional convention. Read More

Letter: DOE failed to act on anti-bullying policies

Bullying has gone on for too many years, targeting vulnerable students and populations, including special needs students and LGBTQ+ students. Read More

Letter: Average workers get meager tax cut

Well, it’s been close to a year now since the phenomenally hyped Republican tax-cut plan was signed into law, and guess what I’m still waiting for? A tax cut. Read More

Letter: State should pay teachers more

If the state really wants better teachers, the state will have to provide better pay and benefits. Read More

Editorial: Hawaii could do better on energy

Years ago Hawaii set off boldly down a green-energy path that’s now defined as a 100-percent-renewable-energy policy. That’s why its placement as No. 16 on a state scorecard for energy efficiency seems underwhelming. Read More

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