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Letter: PV better than wind for clean energy

Hawaiian Electric has proposed that wind energy be Hawaii’s source of clean energy for the future, which requires building monster wind turbines, as can be seen on the northern side of Oahu. Read More

Letter: We should emulate ‘greatest generation’

I watched the services of the late former President George H.W. Bush. Multiple times over the past few days, I heard that phrase, “the greatest generation.” Read More

Editorial: Council must be forceful to reduce illegal short-term rentals

The impulse to sympathize with a homeowner operating an illegal unit as a means to make financial ends meet is understandable, given the high cost of living here. But now outweighing such sympathy for individual cases are looming big-picture concerns for Oahu. Read More

Column: Bring back beach at Waikiki Natatorium site

Of the four plans studied in the draft environmental impact statement for the Waikiki Natatorium, two are under serious consideration. Read More

Column: Kawailoa Wind will protect hoary bats

In light of a higher-than-expected number of Hawaiian hoary bat fatalities, Kawailoa Wind has applied for an amendment to its incidental take permit for bats. Read More

On Politics: Dreaming big for Hawaii mired by small goals, petty politics

To be good, a governor’s inaugural address should not be about the person delivering it; rather, it should speak with confidence and hope and about those governed. Read More

Star-Advertiser invites readers to write about kindness

In the spirit of this holiday season, and after what some consider a particularly divisive election year, we invite you, dear readers, to write in about kindness. Read More

Letter: Chapmans helped on beach access issue

The headlines announcing the fragile health of Beth Chapman inspired me to contact the Chapmans to remind them that their generosity to the community did not go unnoticed or forgotten. Read More

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