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Letter: Use of hazard lights improves safety

A few years ago, I noticed precarious pedestrian/crosswalk situations where miraculously, nobody was hurt. Read More

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Letter: Neighbor showed true cooperation

This letter, although neither maudlin nor political in content, mourns the passing of our across-the-street neighbor, a wonderful woman who had taught at a Hawaiian immersion school. Read More

Letter: Don’t raise bus fares on senior citizens

Our ethically challenged City Council is about to embark on one of its worst decisions: increasing the senior citizen annual bus fare by $10, taking a precious $10 out of our senior citizens’ meager pockets. Read More

Letter: Tulsi, others hold job while running

The Star-Advertiser has printed numerous calls for U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to give up either her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives or her run for the presidency, as she cannot give adequate time to her job representing her constituents while seeking higher office. Read More

Letter: Include theater in new stadium

There are at least six singing choirs, a couple of bands and orchestras (not counting the Hawaii Symphony), and probably several other performance groups on Oahu. Read More

Letter: We all lose with win-lose mindsets

This is the perfect time for TV and radio networks, the local stations, all newspapers, blogs, social media and the Congress to stop making our politics about winning and losing. Read More

Letter: Aid preschoolers’ parents with list

Gov. David Ige, in his State of the State address, spoke of accommodating state-funded preschools with an estimated cost of $500 million for classroom construction and $51 million a year to operate. Read More

Letter: Using hazard lights good safety measure

City Councilman Ron Menor’s proposed bill, urging motorists to use their flashing hazard lights to warn other motorists of pedestrians crossing on multi-lane streets, is exactly what is needed (“Honolulu drivers might be asked to use hazard lights at crosswalks,” Star-Advertiser, Jan. 25). Read More

Letter: Hawaii long overdue for fluoridated water

Hawaii ranks at or near the top of the most healthy states annually, but this is not the case for our oral health. We consistently rank at or near the bottom in this category. Water fluoridation has been shown to effectively stop or even reverse tooth decay. Read More

Letter: Keep playground out of Ala Moana park

A group affiliated with the developer of the affluent Park Lane condominium project, where a recent sale was for more than $23 million, plans to make an acre of Ala Moana Regional Park across the street an amenity of the condo by installing playground equipment, pools and a zip line. Read More

Letter: Keep non-service dogs out of eateries

Having a mobility service canine, we often are approached by aggressive dogs, including so-called service dogs, in hospitals, care homes, stores and airports. Read More

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