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  • Friday, March 22, 2019
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Letter: Support students fighting climate change

Shame on the Star-Advertiser for burying in the back of the newspaper one of the more significant local and international news stories (“Students ‘strike’ to combat climate change,” Star-Advertiser, March 16). Read More

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Letter: Clock is ticking on our vulnerable planet

More than a million students “struck” and rallied in more than 300 cities (including Honolulu) in 125 countries last Friday to push our leaders to act quickly and boldly to solve our climate crisis. Such protests must continue, must increase. Read More

Letter: Will students give up air conditioning?

It was interesting to see the students marching for climate change. Are they willing to give up air conditioning in the classroom or quit driving to deal with climate change? Read More

Letter: Park gazebo seems like an elaborate luxury

I appreciate the $1.26 million project improvements at Ala Moana Regional Park as I am a frequent swimmer there. But, do we really need an elaborate (and probably ridiculously expensive) gazebo built over the Diamond Head shower? Read More

Letter: Trump drives America toward revolution

Last year, pipe bombs were mailed to a former Democratic president and other prominent members of the Democratic Party, in an apparent attempt to assassinate them. Read More

Letter: High costs will drive tourists to other places

Another increase in hotel taxes. What does it mean? Who are the ones to end up paying? The tourist, of course. Read More

Letter: Let truth come out on our government

Have we already forgotten the main democratic principle our grandfathers, fathers and uncles fought and died for in World War II? Fascism begins when government disguises or hides the truth from its citizens. Read More

Letter: More than one side to preschool issue

Unfortunately, this question has now become so political that, in the end, the real losers will be the beneficiaries whose interests this was supposed to protect in the first place. Read More

Letter: Don’t blame Trump for New Zealand killings

First of all, President Donald Trump has nothing to do with what goes on in New Zealand. Neither does Trump’s “rhetoric.” Let’s blame who’s really responsible. Read More

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