Thursday, August 21, 2014         
Joan Costanzo, 63, clutched a ticket numbered 192 and a library book as she waited in the crowd gathered at a food pantry run by Feeding Hawaii Together.org in Kakaako.  Story »

The University of Hawaii athletic department says it is targeting a 5 percent cut on operational budget line items in an attempt to help rein in its projected deficit for the current fiscal year.  Story »

Funding for vacant special-education services positions at public schools could be cut by more than $9 million under a preliminary plan the state Department of Education is working on as it braces for a reduced budget allocation from the state.  Story »

Hawaii Medical Service Association has agreed to share patient data with health-care providers through the Hawaii Health Information Exchange, a nonprofit created to help link electronic medical records among providers.  Story »

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In Week 4, the other designers on "Project Runway" are beginning to take notice of Hawaii designer Kini Zamora's technical expertise and speed. Story »

University of Hawaii Athletic Director Ben Jay backpedaled almost immediately from his assertion that UH-Manoa's athletics program was so hopelessly in the red that eliminating the football program was a viable option.  Story »

Rare birds successfully reproduce

Things may be looking up for the critically endangered palila, the small songbird with a yellow headfound only in the wild on Hawaii island.

Albizia wood crafted to help storm relief

A Hilo woodworker has found a way to help Puna rebuild after dreaded albizia trees crashed into homes and knocked over power lines during Tropical Storm Iselle.

Isle soldier is honored for saving life of girl

A 25th Infantry Division soldier has been recognized for his efforts in rescuing a 9-year-old girl who struggled in the ocean at Pokai Bay on Father's Day.

Faster growth forecast for isles

Hawaii's economy is expected to grow faster this year than previously forecast after inflation remained mild during the first six months of 2014.

'Vampire' treatments use blood plasma to rejuvenate skin

From the birth of 19th-century vampire fiction through today, the specter of the blood-drinking undead has captivated mere mortals.

Surfing: For Napoleon, life’s been one big ride

It's been a life in and on the water, riding waves of success in surfing, paddling and kayaking. That Anona Naone Napoleon recovered from a paralyzing diving accident at Waimea Falls to win the Makaha International Surfing Championships a year later surprised only her doctors.

 Jury deliberates for 3 days over Kaneohe murder case
A state jury deliberated for a third day Wednesday in a murder case allegedly prompted by the jealousy of an ex-lover in Kaneohe.  Story »
 Warriors get taste of Aloha
For Wednesday's practice at Aloha Stadium, the University of Hawaii football team seemingly planned for every scenario. There were drills for the proper way to run from the locker room to the sideline, substitutions for injured players, and the correct positioning of the water coolers.  Story »
Gaetano DeMattei felt out of place as a college freshman. But his angst had little to do with relocating from northern California to Hawaii. A product of the storied De La Salle program in high school, DeMattei wasn't thinking about pursuing college football when he first enrolled at the University of Hawaii. Story »

Hawaii Warrior World

Hawaii's Best 2014

 Hawaii's Backyard: Beauty is everywhere at picturesque B&B
Some come for the incredible views. Others love the peace and privacy. Still others praise the breakfasts, always prepared from scratch with ingredients growing just steps from the kitchen. Holualoa Inn is among Hawaii's most memorable escapes. Story »

Should the state spend millions of dollars on an aggressive effort to reduce invasive albizia trees?
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